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A Group in London for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Thought Leaders who want Committed, High-Paying Clients, so they can make a bigger impact in the world!

Our group is focused on helping Coaches & Consultants to 10x their income, 10x their results for your clients, and 10x their IMPACT.

Why is this important?

Because unfortunately, 90% of Coaches earn less than £25k per year while the top 1% are earning 5/6 figures per month.

For a new Coach, it is crucial to realise that talent, passion and Certification for Coaching does not automatically translate into being able to build a successful Business.

There are 3 Major Problems getting in the way to building a business that’s a match for the value a Coach makes to their clients lives:

1. Inconsistency

Applying old, dated and ineffective strategies to ‘get’ clients that just don’t work. These strategies are so often based on what they ‘know’ and ‘see’ looking out versus tried, tested and proven methods that harness the power of technology, purpose-driven context and bulletproof strategies.

Day to day is hard to know where the next client is coming from.

2. Charging Low Fees

Clients don’t ‘show up’ committed because they don’t have enough skin in the game.

3. Time For Money

This takes away our freedom, limits income AND impact potential

Coaches can easily forget, resist or ignore the fact that engaging with a Coach/Mentor who has already done exactly what we want to do - is the SMARTEST, fastest and most effective way to grow, develop and create extraordinary results.

If this resonates and you would like to find out more about working with me send me a DM and let's have a conversation.



PS. To thank you for reading, here is access to a Masterclass shows you how to create a predictable flow of committed, high-paying clients: https://morecommittedclients.com/

PPS. We are building a community of amazing Coaches absolutely bent on becoming Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs with thriving businesses. If that sounds like you, I'd love for you to join our community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HowToFindMoreCommittedClients/

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Build a 5-figure/month Coaching Business Full-Day Workshop - London

You don't need a blog, podcast, a best-selling book or even a website to become a high-performing coach or consultant. Forget spending months on “getting the word out” with never-ending posting on social media. Forget marketers or business coaches who promise you will ‘get-rich-quick’. If you're worried about getting burned by business coaches that promise you'll get-rich-quick — but you also don't have the time or the patience to invest months on “getting the word out” or “building a following” on social media — then this workshop is the thriving coaching business-building approach you’ve been looking for. At this workshop, Ryan Mathie will draw upon his experience from building two 6-figure Coaching/Consulting businesses to offer you a complete, step-by-step system for turning your Coaching/Consulting business into a high-performing purpose-driven business in 90 days or less. You’ll discover: • The 4 most effective client creation strategies we use to create a predictable flow of clients in our 5-figure per month Coaching Business. • The #1 reason Coaches & Consultants burnout and have to go back to their 9-5 job. • The biggest opportunity Coaches have to stand out from the crowd as the best Coach their client has ever worked with. • The secret to becoming an absolute authority and person of influence, and how you can completely dominate your market. • Where you should be investing your time and energy to build your purpose-driven business right now (this doesn’t include networking events, building your website or writing eBooks). • How coaches are selling $2,000+ coaching programs and growing their coaching businesses WITHOUT spending months blogging, vlogging and ‘building a following’. • AND... how to do ALL of this while being totally authentic and from a place of absolute integrity. Are you driven by a deep sense of purpose to impact people’s lives through your Coaching, Mentoring, Thought Leadership and/or Expertise? Becoming a successful purpose-driven entrepreneur in a relatively short period of time is a goal that’s entirely achievable — and one that will transform your life forever. This unforgettable workshop will give you a practical, proven way to serve and impact more clients as a high-performing Coach or Consultant now! WHO IS RYAN MATHIE IS WHY IS HE DETERMINED TO SERVE YOU VALUE? Ryan Mathie has been helping people with Personal and Professional Development for 10 years. He has completed 14,000+ hours of coaching and training, and coached 1,200+ people. Ryan is an Author, Mentor, Coach, Recycler, and a dog lover. He is on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, just like you, take the lid off their earning potential and make the difference they were born to make. AGENDA ~ WHAT TO EXPECT The number of attendees will be strictly limited to 30 as the workshop is designed to be intimate and interactive. 9:30 - 10:00 am ~ Registration and Check-in (Doors open 30 minutes before the event time. Arrive early enough to give yourself sufficient time to check-in and grab your seats!) ~ Story of a Purpose-Driven Coach and Coaching MasterClass. ~ Break ~ What is the Performance of a Coach? ~ The Source of Results ~ Q & A and LIVE Coaching Hot Seat with Ryan. ADMISSION - a Ticket for Good Pay at the door: £49. RSVP online now: Only £39. (£10.00 off) What is a “Ticket for Good”? We believe in making an impact in everything we do, so proceeds from every ticket sold for this workshop go towards providing e-learning to a child in rural India. Together, we are introducing to him or her the latest technology for effective learning! All of this (and more) has been made possible through our lifetime partnership with the Global Giving Initiative. B1G1: Business for Good. So again thank you; not just for attending our workshop, but for also making a huge difference in a child's life. Together, we've made a huge impact. See you soon! Max, Ryan & Adrian.

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>>Web Event<< Creating More Committed Clients: CONSCIOUSLY

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