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The Puyallup Job Club used to be a networking group that met most months monthly (except for December and June through August) where attendees (career seekers, business owners, and business professionals) met for 2 hours and Carly Calabrese, career coach/business marketer/writer/editor/LinkedIn Consultant would perform a different career related topic monthly and then after attendees had a chance to practice their one minute commercials/elevator pitches and make any announcements and pass out business cards and flyers, Carly would then pass out job leads, job resources, sometimes read a career or marketing related article, as well as volunteer and networking seminars and opportunities.

Although the Puyallup Job Club is no longer in existence (the News Tribune which was one of the original locations for the Puyallup Job Club moved to Seattle) and after the new year (2019), Carly took a break doing ALL events (she used to do 3 events a month during the school year and Job Club was one of them), she took a break because she was going to take a big resume contract of potentially up to 20 to 30 resumes from an organization as well as work on other priorities in her business, Carly had to take a break from hosting events until she was ready again this past June 2019.

Carly puts on various paid networking events for career seekers, business owners, & business professionals that she advertises on this page as well as her other 2 meetup pages:

meetup.com/marketingevents and meetup.com/PuyallupReferralMasters

It's just one of many ways for others to know about her services as well as other business professionals to network with each other. A win-win for all.

It's currently free to be a part of these meetup pages: meetup.com/PuyallupJobClub, meetup.com/marketingevents, and meetup.com/PuyallupReferralMasters as Carly funds the costs for these 3 pages on her own.

**She sends the same information that is on her newsletter (featured business services, her events, & other business news) on all of her Meetup pages, so be sure to be subscribed to receive her email notifications.**The purpose of reading emails through Meetup or on Carly's newsletters is to keep in touch, be aware of business news, come & send people to her events when she has them, and keep her in mind for referrals and business opportunities.

If you are interested in career help, business marketing for your small business, writing, editing, and/or LinkedIn services for yourself, individuals you know, and/or freelance opportunities related to these areas, Carly is available for an up to 15 minute free, no obligation phone chat at a time that works for you and her which can be setup by emailing Carly at: info@worksolutionstoday.com.

Carly looks forward to meeting you at one of her upcoming events as well as serving you with any of the services listed above.

Thank you!

Carly Calabrese

Email me: info@worksolutionstoday.com

Work Solutions - "Providing career assistance, business marketing consulting, writing, editing, and LinkedIn services for individuals and freelance opportunities."

Visit: www.worksolutionstoday.com (http://www.worksolutionstoday.com/)

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”—Theodore Roosevelt

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