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• 18:40 - Doors open and networking

• 19:00 - Welcome to PyBerlin! // Organisers

• 19:20 - Ely Flores // A little journey into the Testing Space
PyBerlin, we have a liftoff! 🚀
Join me for a little journey into Software Testing where we will explore examples of some types of Software Testing and how they can help us increase the quality of our applications, have happy customers and sleep better at night.

• 20:00 - Greg Lind & Jeferson Moura // The Microservice Flex pattern for enterprise software as a service
This talk will focus on how software development teams can benefit from a more flexible and integrated approach to microservices without losing the decoupled architecture. Let's review a few of the more popular microservices patterns and how it can be evolved into single more flexible architecture.

• 20:40 - Mika Naylor // Any Formatter You Like, As Long As Its Black
Black is an uncompromising code formatter for python that gives you speed, determinism, and freedom from pycodestyle yelling at you, in return for giving up control over the nit-picky details of code formatting. I'd like to talk about the ethos behind black, what it does, and why you should use it in all the python you write!

• 21:00 - Coding Slam

• Closing session // Organisers

• PyBeer


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