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Olá, pessoal !

Chegamos a 19a Edição do nosso querido PyData, e já que vocês pediram, vamos ser recebido nessa edição na nova sede da MaxMilhas!

O PyData é um evento sem fins lucrativos que tem como objetivo reunir estudantes, profissionais e entusiastas da linguagem Python aplicada nos diversos campos da análise de dados (coleta, limpeza, visualização, machine learning, etc) a fim de propiciar uma forma de compartilhamento de informações e experiências relacionadas.

Veja só o que vai rolar:

• 19:00 Palestra: In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence, GPUs Are The New CPUs

Traditionally, computing power is associated with the number of CPUs and the cores per processing unit. During the 90s, when WinTel started to invade the enterprise data center, application performance and database throughput were directly proportional to the number of CPUs and available RAM. While these factors are critical to achieving the desired performance of enterprise applications, a new processor started to gain attention – Graphics Processing Unit or GPU.
The game market is huge and from the last tow years the reason is tied primarily to cryptocurrency’s popularity. It’s been years since graphics cards were used en masse for Bitcoin mining,
Forbes said that the price of a GPU board will fall by half by 2020.

I can go through in a Face Recognition demo and show how setup a GPU instance on Oracle Cloud.
I'll show Nvidia Cuda and Rapids and I can go through in how to set up a GPU environment on Google Colaboratory. I'll show a demo about Dask.

My Bio:
Developer Advocate, Big Data Evangelist and Maker. Current I work in Oracle as Principal Big Data consultant. I have over thirteen year’s experience in Java, Scala and Python development. I’ve worked in various sectors with the Java platform and I have experience with several frameworks. Already worked as Business Analyst, Developer, Java J2EE designer, technical lead, Scrum Master and of course I have several pet projects involving IOT and AI, like a project to Transforming Donald Trump’s Tweets in cash. Co-creator of "Red Sqirl", web-based big data application that simplifies the analysis of large datasets.
I also run a monthly meet-up for Brazilian IT professionals in Dublin with an average of 80 attendees.


• 19:30 Palestra:
• 20:00 Lightning Talks

• 20:30 Happy Hour + Networking

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