• PyData Berlin New Year 2021 Meetup

    Online event

    Welcome to the New year Meetup event for 2021 The talks will start at 19:00 The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to all attendees about an hour before the meetup and there will be a YouTube live stream for those not on the zoom call. Talk 1 by Victor Zimmermann Title: Best Practices in Ethical Data Collection Abstract: Big data is not just big in the sense of large amounts of data points, but also in the amount of people affected by its applications. This talk introduces the philosophical and theoretical background of Data Ethics and presents best practices to collect and report data in an ethical way. Talk 2 by Pranav K Title: GANs in and out of Action Abstract: I will be covering on the basics and the extremes of GANs in general and dive into the application of GANs in Face editing. Showing the challenges involved in converting the image in Latent Space vector and optimising it. Few misconceptions that pretty much fail the purpose of this process. Give a very brief intro on Variational Autoencoders and Face editing. Then swift the focus onto semantic face editing. Finally, show how face editing can be done even without using GANs and the benefits of not using GANs. Therefore, covering, the aspects the GANs are of course wonderful to use, but sometime, its the problem that defines whether GANs are needed or not. And why simple Deep Learning models are sufficient in this aspects, giving an overview on the epic fails I've encountered. In brief, Will start of with GANs and VAE. Show the math and unknown concepts present in Face editing and conclude with the idea that GANs need not be necessary for the same. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NumFOCUS Code of Conduct https://numfocus.org/code-of-conduct Please have a look at the comment section for the short version of our Code of Conduct.