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22nd Meetup

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Ian O. and 9 others


This will be a regular meetup (beer+pizza) at AHL like the previous months.

Note: Please use your full real names where signing up, otherwise we have problems with building security.

Our main speaker will be:

Malcolm Sherrington: Harnessing the power of the GPU

Many approaches have been proposed to improve execution times when working with Python. One such, utilising the graphics processor for computing intensive calculations, was initially limited to NVidia hardware and the CUDA package, however the emergence of OpenCL has added support to a wider range of GPUs.

In the talk Malcolm Sherrington will compare both the CUDA and OpenCL approaches and present a gentle introduction to PyOpenCL, demonstrating how it is possible to embark on programming on the GPU without the need for expensive hardware

With Lightnings talks:

  • MacLane Wilkison ( Ensuring Privacy with ZeroDB, Encryption In-Use, and Proxy Re-Encryption

  • Jay Patel ( Demonstration of Grip

  • Lev Konstantinovskiy ( the same thing in different words - how to automatically detect that?

  • Benj Petit ( performance community detection in graphs


Doors open at 6.30 (get there early as you have to sign-in via AHL's security), talks start at 7pm, beers from 9pm in the bar, We normally have > 200 folk in the room so there's plenty of people to discuss data science questions with!

Please remember to unRSVP if you realise you can't make it, we're limited by Security on the numbers so we need you to free up your place if you're not able to attend.

And make sure you follow @pydatalondon ( for any updates and early announcements. See you on the 4th at AHL!

AHL Riverbank House, 2 Swan Lane, EC4R 3AD · London
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