36th meetup



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As always, there'll be free beer and pizza, generously provided by our host AHL.

We are still experimenting with issuing tickets via a lottery - if you want to be in with a chance of a place - sign up for the wait list! The lottery will be run approx 1 week before the meetup, and we will re-run the lottery to fill any spaces that free up or use the wait list towards the time of the event.

For our August's meetup, we have a very special guest, Stephanie Posavec of Dear Data, as our main speaker. We will also have a handful of lightning speakers to follow after a short break. See you there!


Stefanie Posavec (http://www.stefanieposavec.co.uk)of Dear Data

As a designer, Stefanie uses data-gathering and data-visualisation as a design process, taking seemingly ‘cold’ data and using it to communicate warm, subjective and often emotional messages. She will talk about her explorations in making data more engaging, memorable, and accessible to a lay audience new to data and will show how in an era of ever-increasing data, a designer can – through channelling their inner 'anorak' – use this data to inform their own practice and output, and begin to view data through a more human-focused lens in the process.

Stefanie Posavec is a designer for whom data is her favoured material, with projects ranging from data visualization and information design to commissioned data art. This work has been exhibited internationally at major galleries.She recently completed an award-winning, year-long data-drawing project with Giorgia Lupi called Dear Data, and a book of this project is published both in the US and UK. The 104 postcards and sketchbooks that form the project are held in the permanent collection of MoMA, New York.


Lightning talks:

Dominik Christ (https://github.com/DominikMChrist) on Integrating ReadTheDocs in your open source project

ReadTheDocs and similar services offer an easy way for hosting documentation for open source projects. The effort for creating documentation material can be minimised with using docstring-based code documentation and Jupyter notebooks. This flash talk describes the setup we use for integrating ReadTheDocs with PyBloqs and may be helpful for others considering expanding the documentation coverage of their projects.

Tariq Rashid on First Steps With PyTorch

Tariq will give a beginner-friendly overview of accelerated computing with GPUs, and introduce PyTorch, explaining and demonstrating the basic concepts like auto-differentiation, and computing on the GPU. He'll also show some performance comparisons of PyTorch in CPU and GPU modes.

Tushar Sharma (http://zeg.ai) on Unsupervised 3D reconstruction from images using WGAN

Zeg.ai is a deep learning project aimed at 3D objects reconstruction from 2D images. For this, we are leveraging GAN’s (generative adversarial networks, a type of artificial intelligence algorithm used in unsupervised machine learning) to convert any single or multi-view point 2D images (input) to corresponding 3D objects (output). The project is expected to help AR and VR companies generate 3D models within minutes.

Ishan Dikshit on Resources to start your deep learning & NLP side project

Over the past few weeks Ishan has been working on developing a product based on various different concepts drawn from the fields of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. By applying some of the architectures he was experimenting with at work to easily obtainable data sets he was able to generate very intriguing results. Through a series of quick demos on topics ranging from neural embeddings to generative models he will show the libraries, concepts and resources with which one can get started on a side project on their own. Guaranteed NAMT (Not another MNIST talk). There might be Game of Thrones Season 1 Spoilers though - be sure to catch up!



Doors open at 6.30 (get there early as you have to sign-in via AHL's security), talks start at 7 pm, beers from 9 pm in the bar. We normally have > 200 folks in the room so there's plenty of people to discuss data science questions with!

Please unRSVP in good time if you realise you can't make it. We're limited by building security on the number of attendees, so please free up your place for your fellow community members!

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