PyTorch Under The Hood

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We’re excited to announce the first of the PyData Montreal meetups!

6:00 pm—Doors open
6:30 pm—Talk by Christian S. Perone
7:30 pm—Networking

**Note: the agenda is not final and may slightly change.

We are happy to have Christian S. Perone to talk about PyTorch under the hood.
This is a talk for those interested in having a better understanding of the tools we often use. In this talk, we will show how PyTorch really works under the hood, how tensors are managed and also some concepts that were introduced in PyTorch 1.0 and some tips for deploying models in production. Basic knowledge of PyTorch is required and we will also show some C++ code but you don't have to know it.

About Christian:
Christian S. Perone has a computer science background and worked for the past 14 years in the industry as a software engineer and research engineer. He is also an open-source maintainer and his research interests span machine learning for computer vision, natural language processing, and medical imaging. He is currently doing his masters at Polytechnique Montreal on Deep Learning for medical imaging. He also blogs about machine learning at