ReTry! PyData Hilversum edition: RTL hosts PyData


We hope the weather is going to be better this time 'round. It's time for the pydata hilversum edition! • What we'll do
18:00 Doors open

18:15 Dinner

19:00 Introduction

19:10 Maurits van der Goes: Under the hood of RTL's streaming data platform

19:40 Mateo Gutierrez: Turning real-time data into content recommendations at RTL

20:10 Break

20:30 David Graus (FD Mediagroep): Financial News Mining

21:00 Drinks and networking

21:30 Leave the building

Abstract Under the hood of RTL's streaming data platform

RTL has its own data platform to process all the data feeds and to run multiple algorithms. The Lambda architecture with Kafka and Spark ensures a powerful and scalable infrastructure for our wide range of data products. Maurits will share our design principles, the Python tools we use and a few real-life applications.

Bio Maurits

Maurits van der Goes is a data engineer at RTL working on data driven solutions for different departments.

Abstract Turning real-time data into content recommendations at RTL

RTL wants to be relevant on all of its platforms by recommending different articles and videos. These recommendations are generated by several Python algorithms. Mateo will share our approach, packages and challenges of creating these recommendation algorithms.

Bio Mateo

Mateo Gutierrez is a data scientist at RTL, creating the algorithms that generate recommendations for their platforms.

Abstract Financial News Mining The FD Mediagroep collects, analyses and filters valuable and relevant information, 24/7, for an influential group of professionals, business executives and high net worth individuals. (part of FDMG) provides complete, reliable, up-to-date company information and business news about no less than 2.7 million companies and other legal entities in the Netherlands. For we continuously monitor and crawl hundreds of (online) news sources, resulting in a large archive of (Dutch) business-related news, spanning hundreds of thousands of articles. These articles are automatically enriched, by linking the profiles of companies that are mentioned in the articles, using a custom in-house entity linking framework built in Python. In this talk, I will briefly explain the entity linking task, I will detail the implementation of our custom entity linking framework, and our pipeline for crawling and enriching news articles. Bio David

David Graus is a Data Scientist at the FD Mediagroup, with a PhD in information retrieval and natural language processing from the University of Amsterdam. His PhD research focused on developing automated methods for the analysis of (large-scale) textual digital traces. At the FD Mediagroep he now works on various projects involving applied machine learning, predictive modeling, recommender systems, and information extraction in the domain of company information, business-related news, and financial data.

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