PyData Prague #2 - Optimized Elasticity


We are happy to announce the first meetup in 2019 (and the second overall). This time, we move to a more academic environment (with big thanks to the Faculty of Informatics of the Czech Technical University!). Doors (which ones will be specified shortly) will open at 6PM, the talks will begin at 6.30PM and will last approximately 90 minutes. **Both talks will be in English.**

Food and drinks will be provided by our generous sponsors, we'd like to thank Avast, LMC, Showmax, and Keboola for supporting our event.

*** The how and why of Elasticsearch ***

Elasticsearch is an open source distributed datastore, we will see what makes it tick, how to use it from Python and try to draw some conclusions as to where it might fit in in your organization. Honza Král is a principal consulting architect from Elastic and a long-term core committer to Django.

*** Optimizing numerical calculations in Python ***

Jakub Urban, a senior Pythonista from Quantlane with rich experience in scientific computing and modelling, will show various possibilities for making your (mostly) numerical calculations in Python fast. He will cover optimization and parallelization using Numpy, Numba, Cython or Dask. You will learn that Python can be as fast as Fortran with a very little effort. In case it cannot, you will see how to seamlessly turn Fortran/C/C++ into a Python module.

The limit is set to 120 participants. Please, RSVP here and unregister if you know you are not able come.

If you have any questions regarding the venue, our topics, timing, or anything else, don't hesitate and send us a message.