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This is a group for anyone interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and their applications such as Big Data, predictive analytics, data science and robotics. Our main focus is Python based technology stack, but not only. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group because we want to meet other enthusiasts in the area. We're looking forward to exploring exciting new ideas with everybody!

The PyData Code of Conduct (http://pydata.org/code-of-conduct.html (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=l-2FmQxaNVahlcgIEBhFi3TtAT5F0zNXwTmkuRMnL7QggFOHeFlCTbWeaUlZcHXTl8_cDXfX-2BkCO4dQfIZA-2FVaxi8-2BjkmmjtYlTor6VSTN-2F2sS-2B5sPfk9jSeuL6YhN2yjBXrnicb8pOxvs4g6BTpCFBDCgLH3iJ1IS1-2F6pM4GIW0VfBxPtkk93S9DD5-2BXP5xh3g-2B5azE44bMF5T4vA6sYOtFX9FTuEerH4tUMkTn3CvxrH82m6-2FVZdbAqI-2BKlsqY21d9qaSgJrhftyHrd9zpEHN0g-3D-3D)) governs this meetup. To discuss any issues or concerns relating to the code of conduct or the behavior of anyone at a PyData meetup, please contact the local group organizers (message us on the meetup page). Please also submit a report of any potential Code of Conduct violation directly to NumFOCUS: https://numfocus.typeform.com/to/ynjGdT Thank you for helping us to maintain a welcoming and friendly PyData community!

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PyData Warsaw #21

PwC Polska Sp. z o.o.

After the break we are back with the 21th PyData Warsaw regular meetup with new location! Location: PwC, Polna 11 (all details coming soon) Our presentations: 1. Jakub Czakon- "Evaluation Metrics for Binary Classification: The Ultimate Guide" From Jakub: "Choosing a proper metric is a crucial yet difficult part of the machine learning project. In this talk, you will learn about a number of common and lesser-known metrics and performance charts as well as typical decisions when it comes to choosing one for your project. For every metric or chart I will talk about: - What is the definition and intuition behind it, - The non-technical explanation for business stakeholders, - How to calculate/plot it, - When should you use it. Hopefully, with all that knowledge you will be fully equipped to deal with metric-related problems in your future projects!" Jakub is a Senior Data Scientist at http://neptune.ai. He graduated in Physics from the University of Silesia in Katowice, and in Finance from the University of Economics in Wroclaw. He's worked on data science for facial recognition, OCR, cancer detection and classification, satellite image segmentation, text mining labor market data, and more. He was a member of the teams that won MICCAI Munich 2015 "Combined Imaging and Digital Pathology Classification Challenge", won MICCAI Athens 2016 "Pet segmentation challenge using a data management and processing infrastructure", and won crowdAI "Mapping Challenge" competition in 2018. 2. Lukasz Murawski - "AI for The Planet. Case study: Deep learning for early wildfires detection of Amazon Rainforest " 3. TBD *** We will expect you around 17.30, talks start at 18:00pm, snacks, coffee and tea are included. Please remember to unRSVP if you realise you can't make it - it will help a lot for our crew. Make sure you follow @pydatawarsaw for any updates and early announcements. Agenda: 17:30 - 18:00 - Doors open 18:00 - 18:10 - Introduction 18:10 - 18:50 - Jakub Czakon- "Evaluation Metrics for Binary Classification: The Ultimate Guide" 18:50 - 19:30 - Lukasz Murawski - "AI for The Planet. Case study: Deep learning for early wildfires detection of Amazon Rainforest " 19:30 - 20:10 - TBD PS: Default language is English, but there may be some exceptions from the rule. Presentation part is mainly Python focused but not only. We expect to host a number of guests working with R, Scala, Julia and other languages. See you!

PyData Global 2020 Online Conference

Online event

PyData Global is the very first fully-online PyData conference. Join our global community for five days packed with talks, tutorials, posters, open-source sprints and a digital hallway track. For more information, check out https://global.pydata.org// The CFP (https://global.pydata.org/pages/cfp.html) is now live! Tickets will be on sale soon at the website.

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