PyData Warsaw #17: Data Science, Deep & Machine Learning with Tooploox

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This will be the 17th PyData Warsaw regular meetup.
Location: Startberry, Grochowska 308

Our presentations:
1. 1st Pass Coding - how to build a tool to support the work of clinical coders
2. AI in Transportation & Mobility - car insurance telematics.

Doors open at 18:00, talks start at 18:30pm, about 9pm we start the after party in a pub nearby.

Please remember to unRSVP if you realise you can't make it - it will help a lot for our crew.

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18:00 - 18:30 - Doors open

18:30 - 18:40 - Introduction

18:40 - 19:20 - Bartosz Baranowski [Roche] - 1st Pass Coding - how to build a tool to support the work of clinical coders

Coding of undesirable events is a manual, tedious task that is prone to an error. The purpose of the prototype is to show how to improve coding's staff efficiency by partially automating the coding process with an AI system. I want to share what we learnt when we tried to resolve this problem, my experiences and challenges.

Bartosz Baranowski is senior data scientist with over 5 years experience in retail and healthcare industries. He started his career as database developer, but quickly changed to AI area. His main areas of expertise are Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation.

19:20 - 20:00 - Mateusz Maj [VivaDrive] - AI in Transportation & Mobility - car insurance telematics.

At VivaDrive we use Smartphone-as-a-Sensor to monitor where, when and how you drive - the time of day or night you drive, the speed you drive at on different sorts of roads, if you brake or accelerate sharply if you take breaks on long journeys, your highway miles, and your total distance. The information collected helps us build driver's profile, assess driving and insurance risk and build an effective gamification program to improve driver and customer behaviour.

We will discuss challenges of using Smartphone-as-a-Sensor as a mean of data collection and VivaDrive's experience with AI/ML and future development plans.

This talk is the first one from the series of talks we plan about AI in Transportation.

Mateusz Maj is a CEO of VivaDrive. He is Insurtech, Mobility and AI Entrepreneur with 12 yrs of experience in Financial Industry. Mateusz holds double PhD in Math & Economics.

20:00 - 20:30 - Igor Sawczuk - The challenges of image/text dataset building

Igor Sawczuk is a graduate of Brama Innovation Camp and a laureate of many prestigious hackathons, including MIT.hack 2013. He is Machine learning consultant in business applications. Co-founder of Wandlee - a company that develops artificial intelligence algorithms for chatbots. Wandlee is an official partner of Facebook for the automated chat solutions.

20:30 - 21:30 - Open Spaces and Afer Party sponsored by Tooploox

This time we will try to structure our discussions a bit implementing this concept:
Please come with ideas and questions you'd like to talk about.

PS1: Default language is English, but there may be some exceptions from the rule.

PS2: Presentation part is mainly Python focused but not only. We expect to host a number of guests working with R, Scala, Julia and other languages.

See you!