High Performance Computing is open for business! (Online Meetup)

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We will host this meetup online. After registration, you will receive a Zoom link one day before the event.


High Performance Computing is open for business!
Making HPC useful and usable for commercial applications in simulation, analytics and machine learning.


High Performance Computing - HPC - has long been a vital tool for academic and government research. It brings to mind room-sized supercomputers that focus on modeling and analyzing important phenomena ranging in scale from molecules, genes and materials, to vehicles, aircraft, weather and the cosmos. It may surprise you to learn that the Chicago area and the greater Midwest is a mecca of HPC-powered research at national laboratories and universities.

Parallel Works is a Chicago-based company whose mission is to make HPC usable by business and industry, enabling companies large and small to easily leverage the benefits of HPC on Cloud and on-premise resources.

In this talk, we’ll explain the basics of high performance computing and show many examples of its benefits in fields as diverse as manufacturing, auto racing, transportation, and healthcare. And we’ll highlight how one Chicago company is taking down the barriers to true democratization of this important tool for global progress in fields that matter to our everyday lives.

Speaker Bio:

Michael Wilde is Co-Founder and CEO of Parallel Works Inc. Since 2001 he served as Software Architect at Argonne National Laboratory (where he is on entrepreneurial leave), and is a research computer scientist at the University of Chicago. Before joining Argonne in 2001, Wilde served as CTO of Chicago-based startup CoolSavings.com, and consulted at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the areas of mainframe UNIX and programming models for large-scale software development.