• PyData Delhi Meetup #35


    Schedule (2:00 PM - 6:00 PM): 1. Fundamentals of Private Learning by Prakhar Srivastava [Invited Talk by Atlan] 2. [Lightning Talk ⚡️] Hosting a kick-ass community Hackathon with Devfolio by Denver Jude 3. [Lightning Talk ⚡️] Introduction to Python Data Model by Ankush Chander (https://github.com/pydatadelhi/talks/issues/114) 4. Break and Networking 5. [Lightning Talk ⚡️] PyGiving: Giving back to the community by Raman Tehlan (https://numfocus.org/donate-to-pygiving) 6. [Lightning Talk ⚡️] Application of coordinate geometry in geospatial search algorithms by Kriti (https://github.com/pydatadelhi/talks/issues/110) 7. [Lightning Talk ⚡️] Recommendation engine for E-commerce website by Motasim Kazmi People who would like to volunteer to PyData Delhi, please stay for a while after the meetups end! Note: Please keep your RSVP up to date, it is a very nice thing to do! Most likely, we won't be able to entertain more than the max RSVP limit! Logistics: • Venue map : https://g.page/Atlan-India?share • Nearest Metro Station: Saket Metro Station (Yellow Line) Doors open at 1:30 PM, talks start at 2:00 PM. --- Please, unRSVP if you realise you can't make it. We're limited by space on the number of attendees, so please free up your place for your fellow community members! Follow @pydatadelhi ( http://twitter.com/pydatadelhi ) for updates and early announcements. See you at the meetup! We're on Telegram. Join us for early updates and discussions here ( https://t.me/joinchat/EzxNR0GrUQ7Xc0BaThNv3g ) Share your Lightning Talks! A "lightning talk" is a quick mini-presentation (5 minutes maximum) on any Python topic you'd like. We'll save time for 2-3 of these each month: to save a spot, post a comment with your talk's title/topic. Beginner topics are always welcome! Presentations: If you'd like to share a topic with the group at an upcoming meetup, propose a talk here ( https://github.com/pydatadelhi/talks ) :) Contact: Message us through the message tab on the meetup page.

  • PyData Delhi @ Tech Triveni 2.0

    India International Centre, New Delhi

    Tech Triveni 2.0 Workshop Heading - Tech Triveni 2.0 | Workshop - Scala, Akka and Functional Java Tech Triveni 2019 begins on November 23, with one-day training workshops, which will include both instruction and hands-on exercises. Bring your laptop and learn how to put Scala programming language, Akka language, and Functional/Reactive Java into work on real-life situations AGENDA OF THE WORKSHOP 1. Introduction to Scala 2. Functional Programming In Scala 3. Collections In Scala 4. Object-Oriented Programming in Scala 5. Introduction to Akka 6. Why Functional Programming? Workshop attendees will get a FREE pass to Tech Conference which is on 24th November 2019. Find out more details: https://www.techtriveni.com/#workshop Limited seats are available - Book Now! https://techtriveni.com/#pricing Tech Triveni 2.0 Conference Welcome to Asia’s first Functional & Reactive programming and big data conference. It's a unique experience for developers, data scientists, decision-makers and enthusiasts & experts from IT to collaborate on the latest architectures for building and running reactive, big data and functional systems that are scalable, high on performance using the reactive stack. Attendees will learn about the latest advances in reactive and functional programming, microservices, streaming data, big data as well as real-world enterprise best practices. Get the latest insights and skills from technology leaders and practitioners who are involved in shaping the future of these technologies. Sessions & Speakers: https://techtriveni.com/speakers Special Pricing for STUDENTS: Rs. 599/- only BOOK NOW: https://techtriveni.com/#pricing