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PyHawaii: Clash of Code Night

Photo of Jeffrey Eliasen
Hosted By
Jeffrey E.


Sometimes on lesson night we've had timed challenges where everyone participates independently online... and that's something that's easy to do remotely!

Join us for about an hour of code challenges! We will use for the coding environment, and I'm setting up a conference where we can all communicate between and during challenges.

See the link below to join the conference line using your laptop or other devices, or you can dial in if that's your only option:

Phone Numbers
‪+1 321-332-7193‬
PIN: ‪739 346 665#‬

You will also need Slack and must be part of the pyhawaii channel if you aren't already: see for that.

NOTE: codingame has a 15-person limit on challenges, so if a lot of people RSVP then we may have to figure out how to have simultaneous competitions... be ready to be flexible as we figure things out.

See you there!

Photo of PyHawaii: Python User Group group
PyHawaii: Python User Group
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