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Very first hands on Arduino and its connection to Python through PySerial

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Carrer d’Hondures, 30, 08027 Barcelona · Barcelona

How to find us

Access the small courtyard through the main entrance of Nau Ivanow and look for a smaller door on your right

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The number of libraries available for Python is so big that anyone can’t guess how many things one can do using our lovely programming language without typing "How to do that fancy thing with Python". In this workshop we will show you one of these "fancy things": the interaction between Python and Arduino through PySerial library. The number of applications of such interaction is only limited by our creativity!

In this workshop we will focus in the use of RGB LEDs, changing its color and its shine using Python code.

Background knowledge:

• Basic knowledge in python.
• Desired extras: basic knowledge in C (or C++), fundamentals of electronics.


I will start in Catalan or Spanish and I will switch to English depending on the needs and preferences of the attendees. Slides will be in English.

Material and software:

- Python (of course), 2 or 3.
- A text editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Vim,…).
- PySerial library (see how to section).
- Arduino IDE (see how to section).
- Desired (we will have one or two boards, but more boards will be welcome):
- Arduino UNO rev3 board (others can be considered, but only that one will be tested for the workshop).
- Wires.
- 3x 220Ohm resistors.

How to:

- Install PySerial using pip:
python pip install pyserial

- Arduino:
Download software here: and follow the instructions. Install at least IDE and Serial controller.