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International Women's Day meets the PyLadies

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International Women's Day meets the PyLadies


To celebrate International Women's Day, PyLadies Bangkok, Hamburg and Chicago are organising an online meetup on 8th of March at 7PM. [Three timezones: , 7PM Indochina (GMT+7), 7PM CEST (GMT+1) and then at 7PM CST (GMT-6)]
This year's IWD theme is #ChooseToChallenge ( !!


Audience level:
Beginners level

Schedule (will be updated once CFP is closed):
19:00 Channel opening
19:05 Pyladies and announcements
19:10 Talks will commence - live streamed
21:00 Q& A - depending on energy levels of audience and speakers

Formatted schedule:

Live streaming schedule happening in 3 time zones:
(Note: Talks not in order)Session 1: Bangkok - 7pm (GMT +7, German time: 1pm 8th March)
PyLadies Spotlight with Carol Willing & Naomi Ceder - Lorena Mesa, Carol Willing, Naomi Ceder (US)
Taking Pride in Diversity - Georgi Ker (TH)
About my experience participating in overseas PyCon - Lina Katayose (JP)
Quality of Life - Aiko (JP)
How I initialize a coding workshop for women in Thailand - Sudarat (Gatuk) Chattanon (TH)
Discover the better version of yourself everyday - Thohirah Husaini (TH)
Modern Software developer with modular architecture - Monthira Chayabanjonglerd (Mint) (TH)
How to Make a Career Switch to a Developer - Teen (TH)
Creativity spice for Tech-savvy (น้ำจิ้มรสเด็ดของคนไอที) - Chongko (TH)
What I've Learned from Joining Women in Tech Communities - Kamolphan Liwprasert (TH)
Understanding Python Memory Management - Chelsea Dole (US)
I was supposed to be coding more, but ended up organising more - Ivy Fung (MY)

Session 2: Hamburg - 7pm (GMT +1)
PyLadies Spotlight with Carol Willing & Naomi Ceder - Lorena Mesa, Carol Willing, Naomi Ceder (US)
Behind the Scenes of the PSF Diversity and Inclusion Work Group - Tereza Iofciu (DE)
The Power of Knowledge Graphs - Iqra Muhammad
From PyLadies Chennai to PyLadies India! - Niharika Krishnan (IN)
Influencing Diversity - Sowmya Guru (DE)
Prisoners, Game Theory and the Python Axelrod Library - Nikoleta Glynatsi (DE)
Action! Celebrate your progress with GithubActions - Jessica Greene (DE)
Opening all the sources: exploring sharing and diversity from Open Source Program Office - Paloma Oliveira (DE)
The Importance of Community - Grace Omojola (NG)
Leading on Leadership - the1nv (UG)
Tidy Data - The Bread and Butter of Every Data Scientist - Paola Suárez (DE)
I Want to Build 180 Apps in 180 Days, too! Or: How I Want to Stop Being a Perfectionist - Gesa Stupperich (DE)

Session 3 : Chicago - 7pm (GMT - 6, German time: 2am 9th March)
PyLadies Spotlight with Carol Willing & Naomi Ceder - Lorena Mesa, Carol Willing, Naomi Ceder (US)
Seen & Heard: Women in Music Technology - Jamaica Fredericks (US)
Things I've learnt from my transition from Engineer to Engineering Manager - Anuja Kelkar (US)
The Hidden Depth of PyLadies - Reshama Shaikh (US)
Intro to Documentation using Sphinx and reStructuredtext - Mariatta (CA)
Promoting cross-cultural understanding with Python and Jupyter - Laura G. Funderburk (CA)


Gender policy
PyLadies aims to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Anyone with an interest in Python is encouraged to participate! We apply the LadyNerds Code of Conduct ( ).

Interested in speaking at one of our events? Have a good idea for a Meetup? Get in touch with us at

Slack information
Channel: #city-hamburg

Here is the global PyLadies Code of Conduct ( ).

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