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What we’re about

We are a social/professional group for women who are Python programmers at every experience level, in the Portland, OR area. Developers and aspiring developers, please! Find us on Twitter @PyLadies_PDX. We have guides and other set-up materials on Github as well.

We typically meet every other Tuesday and most Saturdays, and we host three types of meetings:

* All women welcome, wholly inclusive of trans women

* Women and their invited guests

* All are welcome

Please check the meeting description to determine which type of meeting we're having.

All Pyladies meetups, events, and forums (including our meetup page, our mailing lists, and other online channels) are governed by the Pyladies Code of Conduct.

At PyLadies we welcome all women, inclusive of trans women.  Further we would like to extend a special invitation to nonbinary folks, as many (but not all) of the oppressions facing women in our industry(/world) are also experienced by nonbinary individuals.  Please leave a comment, send a message, tweet us, or send an email if you would like to see betterment on our part in a particular area.