February Meetup at PagerDuty: Marketing for Developers

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Come join us on Thursday February 16 for our February meetup at PagerDuty, where Tracy Osborn (https://limedaring.com/) will give a talk on Marketing for developers. We have a great talk lined up, and food and drinks and time to mingle afterwards. It should be a blast!

Marketing for developers

"If you build it, they will come," they say. Not so! Marketing is crucial for anything you build that you want people to find and use. How should you market your app, or your open-source project, or your mobile app, or anything else you build — especially as a time-strapped developer? This proposal will go over marketing tips and recommendations to make sure what you build is seen and used.

Tracy Osborn (https://limedaring.com/) is a designer, developer, author, and entreprenerd living in Toronto, Canada.

Tracy was born in California, taught herself how to build websites when she was 12, and holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Art & Design.

In 2007, she taught herself how to program and launched WeddingLovely (http://weddinglovely.com/), which was accepted to 500 Startup's (http://500.co/) incubator in Fall 2011. She's also the author, designer, and publisher of Hello Web App (http://hellowebapp.com/), a self-published book series on beginner web app development with Python and Django.

In her spare time, she is an avid outdoorswoman, spending as much time as possible hiking, climbing, rafting, mountaineering, surfing, and anything else outdoorsy.

About our sponsor:

PagerDuty (https://www.pagerduty.com/) is an alarm aggregation and dispatching service for system administrators and support teams. It collects alerts from your monitoring tools, gives you an overall view of all of your monitoring alarms, and alerts an on duty engineer if there’s a problem.