• PyLadies Dublin: Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks & Data Analysis using Kaggle

    This month, we will be running a workshop and kindly hosted by Dogpatch Labs. Don't worry if you don't want to participate in the workshop, we have 2 large rooms booked. So you can work on your own projects, other tutorials or chit-chat. - Flexi Room 1: Workshop - Flexi Room 2: Your own activity [UPDATE] Vectra.ai will be sponsoring pizzas. *yay* There is also a tea station there for us to use, def lots of cups of ☕️. And bring your laptop! 👩‍💻 We have a collab pad for you to add any other announcements, resources, etc. Feel free to contribute: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/HXuCo7lvbZDfh6a0Ijv3Jz+V/ Workshop Details: ------------------------- Title: Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks & Data Analysis using Kaggle by Leticia Portella Short Description: We will give an overview on what are Jupyter Notebooks and how they work, how to read and user a dataset based on a spreadsheet and how can we explore the data using Pandas and Matplotlib. This is an introductory workshop for people interested in data analysis. Setup before workshop - An account to Kaggle (https://www.kaggle.com/) already verified. We will use the Titanic dataset (https://www.kaggle.com/sureshbhusare/titanic-dataset-from-kaggle) for exploratory analysis. About Leticia Portella Leticia is an oceanographer that fell in love with programming. It is one of the hosts of the first brazilian podcast on Data Science, Pizza de Dados and is currently working with Project Jupyter at the Outreachy program. leportella.com ============================================ Schedule: -------------- 18:30 Registration & Setup 19:00 Workshop OR You Own Activity 21:00 Event Ends ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked].

  • PyLadies Dublin Jan 2019 @ Dogpatch Labs

    Dogpatch Labs

    🎉Happy New Year to you all! We are delighted to be hosted by Dogpatch Labs for this month's meetup. One way to kickstart your new year by dusting off those projects and ideas, and you are welcome to give an impromptu lightning talk. Don't forget to bring a laptop. There will be no food, feel free to bring your own nibbles. We have access to their tea station, so plenty of tea and water on tap. This month we have Julie Pichon giving a talk about "An example of using the Goodreads API". Description: She will give an overview of the Goodreads API, show a bit of code and demo a small project that uses the API URL: https://github.com/jpichon/rattle_cli If you have an announcements, cool things to share, feel free to update https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/h44uMOhiopQU3ErKPN9Fnmeu/ - I will be using this during the welcome part of the event. Rough schedule ------------------------ 18:30 - 18:45 Registration 18:45 - 18:55 Welcome & thanks 18:55 - 20:30 An example of using the Goodreads API by Julie Pichon 19:00 - 20:30 Own projects, self-driven tutorials, ask for help, play with the pi-top, chit-chat ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked].

  • PyLadies Dublin Meetup

    Needs a location

  • It's starting to feel a lot like Quizmas (REGISTER ON TI.TO)

    🎶It's beginning to look a lot like Quizmas Everywhere you go, Gather your team mates and prepare for another quiz again, Have fun and make a difference this year.🎶 Charities we will be collecting money for this year - Dublin Simon Community - Larche Ireland - it's also International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Big thanks to our Partners: - Workday for hosting and providing food; shout out to Dale and Naomi for organising the venue for us and being involved with the event. - Edge by Ascential (Prizes) - Indeed (Prizes) - Liberty IT (Prizes) - Marsh McLennan Companies (Prizes) - Qwertee (Prizes) - Rakuten kobo (Kobo Aura Edition 2) - Shutterstock (Annual subscription (350 images p/m) - Zendesk (Prizes) Hugs to the following Community Groups (in alphabetical order): - Coding Grace - Elm User Group Dublin - GameCraft - Ireland Girl Geek Dinners - Ladies That UX Dublin - PyLadies Dublin - Rails Girls Dublin - Ruby Ireland - Tech for Good Dublin - Women Who Code Dublin We are looking for sponsors for prizes, if you are interested, please email us at [masked] PLEASE REGISTER VIA https://ti.to/irishgeeks/it-s-starting-to-feel-like-quizmas FAQ ==== Q. I'm not on a team, can I still come along? Yes; we will help you find a group on the night. Q. How many people per team? Up to 5 persons per team.

  • PyLadies Dublin Meetup: pipenv Lightning Talk @ Dogpatch Labs

    The Vaults - Dogpatch Labs

    A big thanks to Dogpatch Labs for hosting this month's PyLadies Dublin. We will be in one of the Flexi Meeting Rooms downstairs in The Vaults, we have use of another Flexi Meeting Room is people want to have more space to work on own projects, deep dive, pair up and do stuff. 🙌Please note that another event is on the same evening called Learning Tech Labs and they are using the Events Room. The organiser has been kind enough to open invitations for us to join them for a mixer and food. [Quick update] A big thanks to Startup Week Dublin for including us in their programme this week. More info about their programme: https://dublinstartupweek.com ☕️Dogpatch has facilities for you to make tea. 18:00 Registration / Mixer with Learning Tech Labs with food on arrival 18:45 Welcome 19:00 Lightning Talk: pipenv by Michael Twomey Rest of the evening: Deep dive with Michael about pipenv, pair programming on projects, tutorials, networking 21:00 Event ends Please remember to bring your laptop (and power supply)! If you wish to give a lightning talk (up to 15 mins), or give a demo at this month's meetup, you can submit your talk via the link below under "CALL FOR SPEAKERS". Here's our collab pad for any announcements, events, resources; feel free to update it: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/ohewTriGdVe482uFLdaLstus/ ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked]. ============================================ FAQ ------ Q. Where is Dogpatch Labs? Dogpatch Labs is opposite Starbucks at George's Dock LUAS side of CHQ. We will be downstairs in The Vaults. We are in Breakout area just after bar. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/W49K56aVkXQ2 Q. Do you have a Code of Conduct? Yes, you can find it here: https://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesDublin/pages/12625412/Code_of_Conduct/

  • PyLadies Dublin Oct Meetup @ Indeed

    Indeed Ireland

    We are delighted to announce that Indeed will be hosting our October PyLadies Dublin meetup. NOTE: When you RSVP, please include your First and Last name (inc. guests) for Indeed's security. [UPDATE] Indeed will be proving food and drink as well! *yay Talk Details ---------------- Louise Klodt will be giving a lightning talk on "HBC VIA Image Annotator - A web tool for image segmentation tasks in Machine Learning" (15 Mins) Description: The talk is about building a web annotation tool for machine learning tasks such as image segmentation. I'll demonstrate how adapting a JS open source frontend, and building a Python server, interacting with S3, delivers a simple useable product. There will be a demo how the annotation tool can be used, and I'll comment on how I approached the development of the app. About Louise: Software Developer at HBC since 2017. ============================================ Announcements will be here: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/-MSoyNBRh5+P4I+n+0V8vj8U/ Feel free to add any announcements, resources. ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked]. ============================================

  • Diversity in Data Workshop @ Talent Garden (Register via Ti.to - €10)

    Diversity in Data Workshop co-organised by Coding Grace, Her+Data, PyLadies Dublin, R Ladies Dublin, Women Who Code Dublin hosted by Talent Garden. We are also partnering with Women in Tech Africa to coincide with their Women in Tech Week. Shout out & hugs to volunteers who will be teaching and helping the sessions (in alphabetical order): Allen Thomas Varghese, Agnes Maciocha, Andrea Fagan, Daria Barteneva, Emma O'Donnell, Indira G. Martin, Irene Yeriskin, Isabella Gollini, Joanna Nieć, Karen Church, Kevin O'Brien, Michael Twomey, Nicaise Ishimwe, Sarah Jones, Shalki Nagpal, Suzanne Little Special thank you to Christina Lynch, Irene, Joanna and Kevin for reaching out far and wide helping me find mentors and facilitators. Thanks to our partners kx.com (Tea/Coffee) and Zalando for supporting our event. ** TICKETS: https://ti.to/coding-grace/diversity-in-data-workshop-2018 09:30 10:00 REGISTRATION 10:00 10:15 Welcome & Introduction 10:15 12:15 Beginners R Workshop with Isabella Gollini Beginners Python Workshop with Vicky Twomey-Lee 12:15 12:30 BREAK 12:30 13:30 Beginners R Workshop (Cont) with Isabella Gollini Intermediate Python Workshop - TBC 13:30 14:00 LUNCH (included in ticket) 14:00 16:00 Beginners kdb+ workshop – The worlds fastest time-series database (kx.com) Visualisation with Python with Suzanne Little 16:00 17:00 Special session - TBC 17:00 17:30 BREAK 17:30 18:00 Tidy up, network, event ends FAQ ==== What do I need to bring? ---------------------------------- Attendees are required to bring their own laptop (don't forget your power). Is this event for me? ---------------------------------- If you are 18+ and interested in the area of data technology (e.g using Python, R and data), this is for you. All levels are catered for, from Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced. I want to get involved, who do I contact? --------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for:- - mentors (teach the workshop session) - facilitators (assist the mentors) - help with content for the workshop - sponsorship (lunch, tea/coffee, prizes for the competition) You can email [masked] for more info. Will there be parking? ----------------------------- Yes, there's limited parking spaces however, please get in contact with [masked] to confirm. Are there buses from city to Talent Garden? ----------------------------------------------------------- Yes, get the 83 bus and get off at the Meteorological Office in Glasnevin, and look for DCU Alpha's entrance. Refunds ------------ Full refunds until 24 hours before the event. If there are not enough people signed up to the event, I will be in touch to refund you.

  • PyLadies Dublin Sep Meetup @ Intercom

    Intercom Offices

    Big thanks to Intercom for hosting our Sep PyLadies Dublin meetup. BTW, Intercom will be providing tea/coffee refreshments, but it's *bring your own dinner* evening. Don't forget your laptop! Any announcements, events, resources to share, feel free to add to https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/EFLrw2Djn5-YIIcSIcUqP+KV/ Talk Details: ---------------- Nadja Deininger will be talking about "Network traffic analysis in Python" (15-20Mins) Details: I'll give a brief intro to network traffic analysis and some important protocols, and talk about how we can use Python to capture network traffic and analyse what's going on. I can also give a quick demo of my Dublin Maker project - a 3D wire shark (Wireshark being a popular software for traffic analysis) that lights up based on network traffic. This talk is suitable for beginners in both networking and Python. About Nadja: I'm a software developer who uses Python for fun and (sometimes) profit. I'm currently interested in infosec and networking among other things. https://twitter.com/machine_person ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked]. ============================================

  • PyLadies Dublin August Meetup @ Phorest Salon Software

    Phorest Salon Software

    A huge thanks to Phorest Salon Software hosting us, and to the following speakers. Fionnuala Gibney who will be talking about "Using Python to Automate Trello Workflows", and John Doran (Phorest) who will be talking about "Building our deployment tools in python and using them for continuous delivery". If you have announcements, questions or resources to share, please feel free to update our open collaborative pad: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/pG6HJL4ykFe98g2g-E6agFfW/ ** Don't forget to bring along your laptops.** TALK DETAILS ============== Talk 1: Using Python to Automate Trello Workflows by Fionnuala Gibney Description: A quick hack that I put in place for managing my workflows in Trello - creating lists daily, doing summaries, using Postman to jump start the API work in python. About speaker: Business Analyst, Hacker, Devalyst --- Talk 2: Building our deployment tools in python and using them for continuous delivery by John Doran Description: My talk is about our choice to build our deployment tools in Python and how we use them for continuous delivery. I'll discuss the learning curve, benefits, pros and cons. About speaker: As director of engineering at Phorest my role it to ensure scalability and reliably of our platform along with delivering amazing new functionality which helps our salon owners to grow their businesses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/johndorandev/ ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked]. ============================================ ABOUT PHOREST SALON SOFTWARE Mission: Phorest Salon Software helps salon owners get their clients in more often, spending more. Phorest Salon Software has more than 4,000 spas and salons as customers in Ireland, the UK, Finland and the USA. Forbes describes us as “…the leading salon appointment and CRM software company”. It was founded in Ireland in 2003 by Ronan Perceval. There are now over 120 people on our team dedicated to helping you grow your salon. If you want more info on our values etc, that;s available here: https://www.phorest.com/company/

  • PyLadies Dublin July Meetup @ Riot Games

    Riot Games Dublin

    So excited to have Riot Games hosting and providing food. Michael Twomey (https://twitter.com/micktwomey) will give a quick lightning talk about recently released Python 3.7 and its new features. We are still looking for lightning talk speakers/demos for July, so if you are interested, let us know. Don't forget to bring a laptop, show off your project, ask for help, work on your own project or tutorials, pair up with folks, and I'm also open to help folks with Django Girls Tutorial which we ran earlier this year. We have an open collaborative pad if you have announcements, questions, resources to share, feel free to update it: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/r7orCNjg5LB5G-FqnsQcrx66/ More details to follow. Check @PyLadiesDub for updates. ============================================ CALL FOR SPEAKERS Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to: https://pyladiesdublin.typeform.com/to/Rr6hVJ QUESTIONS Email [masked]. ============================================