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Machine Learning Meetup: Tensorflow

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An Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Meetup is made with Munich Python User Group ( in LMU. This time it is a lecture format with a single speaker. It's a huge university event and it has no drink/snack sponsor, sorry :)

Find us in the room BU101. You can RSVP here and just come, no further registration needed.

TensorFlow is an open source machine learning (deep learning) library released by Google a little over 6 months ago with a special focus on large-scale distributed execution and a pretty Python frontend. It adds powerful new features and concepts for the experienced machine learner while making this complex field relatively accessible to the newcomer.

The talk would be around one hour long, split mainly into two parts:

• Introduction to Deep Learning

• Practical Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Talk is targeting an audience with little to no prior experience in machine learning. Professionals or enthusiasts from a wide range of fields that have not yet had the pleasure of discovering the fascinating world of artificial intelligence are very welcome.

About the Speaker: Peter Goldsborough, currently a second semester CS student at TU Munich and will be interning with Google and Bloomberg in London from August 2016 to April 2017. More info on webpage: