• PyLadies Munich+Paris: Global Python Quiz

    Online event

    Friends, our wonderful Munich PyLadies are cooperating with PyLadies Paris to bring you an interactive online meetup: talks and Python quiz with real prizes: four 50-euro gift cards 🎁

    Quiz platform is limited to 50 people so book your spot with this form: https://forms.gle/o5PderPeZLZdr3Zu5. No spam, after we contact winners all data will be deleted.

    This event will be held in English, free and open to everyone, fits both beginners and experienced Pythonists.

    Join on PyLadies page to get all updates: https://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesMunich/events/276908065/

    👉 19:00: Python Quiz (Part I)

    👉 19:20: How to design more informative visualizations with Python
    👩‍🏫 Amanda Iglesias Moreno
    Amanda is an industrial engineer, data scientist, and a cool medium author: https://amandaiglesiasmoreno.medium.com

    Designing good visualizations is a fundamental aptitude for data scientists and software developers, as they allow us to rapidly communicate our findings to the audience. However, to guarantee the effective transmission of our message they have to be properly designed

    Over the last few years, we can observe an increasing interest in the visualization field with more and more publications and studies covering the topic and providing us guidelines to apply to our graphs. Additionally, as the data science field is growing, we can also observe a rapid increment of the number of libraries that allow us to create complex and even interactive visualizations using Python.

    Amanda will show us the design principles we have to take into consideration when sketching our visualizations. Additionally, with a case study using Open Data from Barcelona, she will explain to us how we can employ Plotly, an open-source Python library, to create high-quality interactive visualizations.

    👉 19:40: Python Quiz (Part II)

    Event Link:
    Will be updated on PyLadies page https://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesMunich/events/276908065/

    Quiz details:
    👉 Fill the form before the game in order to better organize who is the winner. Form: https://forms.gle/o5PderPeZLZdr3Zu5
    Use the same name in the form during your game.

    👉 Kahoot will be used for the game. Website link will be shared and no app is needed.

    👉 Prizes will be distribute according to the community, quiz and also raffle. It will be explained during the event.

    The PyLadies community aim to help women advance their career in the Python world. Everyone is very welcome to play the game but consider giving the gift to a PyLady that you want to support 💃🐍

    The Mobility House 🔌🚗
    Technology platform enabling the integration of vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging, energy, and storage solutions. Hey, they are hiring python software developers:


    Pyladies Munich Team

    Pyladies Paris Team

    Feel free to reach us, if you have any questions about the event.

  • PythonShow: Exploring the DNA 🧬 and Home Automation 🤖

    Online event

    The Python Show – live talks, interviews, and a lovely community chat 🎥

    => Isabella Capilla (Munich): Exploring the DNA with Python 🧬
    Developer, neurobiologist, and breathtaking gamer.

    About the talk: How is it possible to apply the power of computing in modern biology? Right now, billions of cells are replicating your genome. This extremely complex process is essential to life, but how much do we even know about it? Using the bacteria E. coli as a model organism, I will demonstrate how we can find out the starting point of the DNA replication process. Perhaps surprisingly, randomized algorithms, like rolling dices and flipping coins can be applied to solve these problems.

    => Richard Kellner (Bratislava): Python and Home Automation 🤖
    PyCon Slovakia organizer and OSS enthusiast.

    In this talk, Richard will introduce us to home automation and what we can do to automate (almost) anything.

    He'll show the most popular boards (where you can run Python) and show some of the incredible things that can be done.

    Once we have the appliance ready it would (most likely) produce data. We will explore the possibilities of how to collect it and automate actions. This talk is tailored to people who are interested in creating real-world appliances.

    - As always, Boosted Boris will add extra spice with his drums 🥁

    At the end of the show, everyone joins a public videochat where we ask questions and talk about everything.

  • PythonShow #7: Python _magic_ functions explained and an open-source story

    The Python Show – talks, interviews, and chat live on Youtube 🎥

    - Cheuk Ting Ho (London, UK): Under and Dunder - Python secret functions

    You may know dunder init (_init_), but how well do you know about other Python "magic" functions? Why are dunder functions not accessible? On the other hand, internal functions that start with an underscore are accessible and I think that's beautiful. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you all of these.

    - Nicola Iarocci (Ravenna, Italy): My Open-Source Story

    Nicola is the author of Eve framework, Cerberus and more, and will share a few hints on how to become a good open-source contributor.

    - As always, Boosted Boris will support us with his drums and crazy solo 🥁

    At the end of the show, everyone joins a public skype call where we talk about everything.

  • PyLadies Show: Luciano Ramalho [FluentPython author], Lisa Shashkova [JetBrains]

    PyLadies Munich are inviting us to their first online event! Agenda:

    - Luciano Ramalho [Author of FluentPython, Sao Paulo]: Static Typing in Python

    The introduction of the type hints supporting Python 2.7 and Python > 3.5 is one of the biggest changes in the history of Python. The best
    feature of type hints: they are totally optional. Type hints help
    detect bugs and enhance readability — but not always.

    They also introduce complexity and make it harder to leverage some of Python's most powerful dynamic features. The cost-benefit of using type hints varies from project to project. Sometimes there is value in type hinting part of a codebase but not all of it. This talk introduces type hints and discusses the pros and cons of this epic new feature.

    - Elizaveta Shashkova [JetBrains, St.Petersburg]: Python Debugger - from internals to daily use

    Elizaveta is a software developer of PyCharm IDE at JetBrains. She is a master in Python debugging and debuggers and the author of PyCharm's Concurrency Visualiser 🔎🐛

    Organized by PyLadies Munich: Laysa, Olga and Andrea 🤜 🤛

  • PythonShow #6: Growing Plants, running PyBusiness

    Online event

    The Python Show #6 🎥 Agenda:

    - Maria Jose Molina-Contreras (Berlin): "How to build an indoor garden with microcontrollers, Circuitpython and IoT"

    - Lasse Schuirmann (Hamburg): "How to start a PyBusiness: From hobby and open-source to a company"

    - As always, Boosted Boris 🥁

    At the end of the show, everyone joins a public skype call where we talk about everything.

  • PythonShow #5: Europython Q&A, Data Science Big Dive, Daily Commute with Python

    Join to: ask anything the main Europython organizer, learn how to dive deep into data science, hack your daily commute with Python.

    🌙Late-night edition, start at 19:30. Detailed agenda:

    - Marc-Andre Lemburg (Düsseldorf), EuroPython chairman and PSF founding fellow: "EuroPython Backstage: Moving from in-presence to online"

    Europython was forced to move online, which created a big debate all over Europe. "But I go to meet my friends", "How about the community spirit", "Why would I pay X for an online event" - perhaps all of us had at least one of those questions in mind. This show is our chance to get answers from the primary source. Marc will tell us about the key decisions of moving online, upcoming challenges, and future plans for the conference.

    - Astra Stefania Delprete (Turin): "Open source communities and the BIG DIVE trainings"

    Stefania is a data scientist and a well-known Python activist from Italy. She will tell us about one of the projects she is involved in - the BIG DIVE, an intense training program for data scientists, backed by the non-profit innovation consortium TOP-IX.

    - Miroslav Šedivý (Karlsruhe): "Python, Let's Go Home. Quickly."

    When your daily commute, shopping tour, or visit to family or friends offers many possible routes and real-time online navigation services are of no use for your individual mean of transport, you can still learn to find the optimal route with Python.

    - Boosted Boris 🥁

    At the end of the show, everyone is invited to join a public skype call and talk about everything off-record.

  • The Python Show #4: Python Runtime and Tracing

    Online event

    The Python Show #4 will be all about hacking the runtime. Our supercool guests:

    - Elizaveta Shashkova, JetBrains (St.Petersburg): "The Hidden Power of the Python Runtime"

    Python runtime contains a lot of interesting and useful information that's quite easy to retrieve. Let's check out the Python memory model, variables, frame objects, and what useful data they store. After that, we will discuss several powerful tools that are based on the runtime information and which can be very helpful for any Python programmer in their everyday life.

    - Emanuil Tolev, Elastic (London): "How Code Tracing Works in Python"

    It has been busy several years in monitoring and observability. As we’ve hit limits on the visibility and detail that logging and metrics provide, we’ve turned to tracing and APM (App Performance Monitoring) systems. We can now understand performance bottlenecks and see errors in our apps down to the line of code. But how do they really work under the hood? Come and find out! We'll walk through how a free APM system works - Elastic APM.

    - As always, Boosted Boris 🥁

    At the end of the show, everyone is invited to join a public skype call and talk about everything.

  • The Python Show #3: Hacking the standard library & conference madness

    Join the next Python Show 🎥! Guests:

    - Alessandro Molina, Turin: "Tons of things you can do with the Python standard library"

    Alessandro is a well known Python enthusiast from Italy; the author of TurboGears and maintainer of Beaker, DEPOT, DukPy frameworks. Last year he has published the PythonStandardLibraryBook.com, and will now present us some crazy things you can do using just the standard library.

    - Irina Saribekova, St.Petersburg: "Why do I need a community?"
    Irina is a crazy conference organizer from Russia: she takes care of LinuxPiter, GolangPiter, and, of course, PiterPy. She will reveal some behind-the-scenes of her conferences and tell us which benefits the tech community gives us.

    - As always, Boosted Boris 🥁 will express his opinion with drums right during the talks

    At the end of the show, everyone is invited to join a public skype call and chat about everything.

  • Online Python Show #2: Script Server introduction and Organizing a Conference

    In our next 🎥Python Show, we will start with general Python news, talk with Remote Pizza team about making a first online Python conference, and see the introduction to Script Server from its' author. At the end of the show, everyone is invited to join a public skype call and chat about everything.

    Guests and topics:

    - Artur Czepiel and the Python Pizza team: "Behind the scenes of Remote Python Pizza".

    Our friends have just made a big noise in the community with the first Remote Python Pizza, a conference organized to happen online since the beginning. They gathered more than 450 people and are donating all the profit to Doctors Without Borders 💛 Follow the behind-the-scenes story with us and ask your questions!

    - Yaroslav Shepilov: "Script Server: a pythonic web interface for your scripts".
    About one year ago Yaroslav presented his hobby project on PyMunich meetup at KiLabs. Time passed, and the Script Server 💪 is now rocking on Github with growing support: https://github.com/bugy/script-server Get to know the project and chat with the author about his open-source story.

    - Special guest: Boosted Boris 👨‍🎤. He expresses himself with drums, live during the show. If he likes the content, he highlights the best parts, and if he feels bored, he can start drumming just in the middle of the talk. Life is life!

  • Online Python Show #1

    Online event

    Enjoy the pilot episode of the new format! Cool stories of pythonic guests, tech insights, panels, and your questions => the Python Show 🎥


    - Oliver Bestwalter: How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Python.

    Oliver is a software developer at Avira and a coach at Python Academy. In his free time, he has been contributing to PyTest and Tox.

    - Andrea Maldonado: Computer Science Degree in Times of Corona Lockdown.

    Andrea is a devoted PyLady and a PhD student, pushing her research forward in these harsh times. In her offline free time, you can find her doing yoga, experimenting in the kitchen or riding her bicycle while singing out loud some Queen.

    - Special guest: Boosted Boris 👨‍🎤