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A Gentle, Pythonic Introduction to Operating Systems

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Eventbrite's Sophie Rapoport joins us this month for a gentle introduction to operating systems:

We'd all be stuck without operating systems, whether we use Microsoft, Macs or Linux, but most of us understand little about how operating systems function. OS code also provides some of the most elegant abstractions I've ever seen. Writing a shell is a great way to explore some of these abstractions. We'll look at a shell written in Python to answer some fundamental questions: What happens when we press backspace? How do UNIX pipes actually translate output into input? What's going on when a program hogs all of the CPU or memory? By the end of the talk, we'll understand why you can write a shell, but not a true OS in Python!

And again this month we'll pick another ( problem to solve as a group. We also have a PyNash Exercism group if you'd like to solve problems and receive feedback from others in the community. If you're interested, please send your Github username to Bill Israel for an invitation.

This month's meeting is sponsored by Eventbrite (, so please take a minute to thank them for their support of the community!