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An Introduction to Django Channels

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This month Scott Burns of Stratasan will introduce Channels, an exciting line of work in the Django community:

The WSGI specification has taken Python web frameworks a very long way since it was introduced in 2003. We have a variety of frameworks and web servers that can serve WSGI applications. However, the web has evolved since 2003 (most notably with the introduction of Websockets). Unfortunately, WSGI cannot handle the communication model provided by Websockets, and much work and thought has gone into how Python web frameworks will evolve to provide these features to application developers.

Channels is one such attempt at solving this problem. Channels rewrites some of Django's innards to allow for different client-server communication models. In this talk Scott will briefly cover WSGI, how Django implements it currently, what Channels aims to do, and demo a simple site built on Channels.