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Adventures in DIY geolocation with Python
Join us at MINDBODY for our end-of-the-year PyData SLO Meetup! Data Scientists Teagan Sorensen and Josh Curry of MINDBODY will be presenting "Adventures in DIY geolocation with Python." (Beginner level Python.) DESCRIPTION It is a common and simple task to take a set of lat/lon coordinates and reverse geocode them. Many great APIs exist to be able to easily run through this process, but when you have a large volume of points to look up, it can be costly and time consuming to use those APIs. What happens if you need to look up points in uncommon geographic designations like CBSA/MSA? These are all situations where it might make sense to roll your own geolocation using publicly available shape files. This talk will be a fun introduction and overview of the world of geolocation and shape files. We’ll talk about what is involved in working with geo shape files and walk through examples with sample code in Python. We’ll also share our experience with the surprises and pitfalls along the way when building a scalable and performant geolocation pipeline. You don’t need to have any prior experience with geographic data, and only need beginner level Python to get started. Level of python and/or stats/data science: Both consider themselves to have basic Python skills. Josh has been with MINDBODY since 2012, and is a Data Scientist III. Teagan has been with MINDBODY since 2013, and is a Data Scientist II. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The event will be held at MINDBODY. Parking instructions: Our address is 651 Tank Farm Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Upon your arrival at our offices, please park in a MINDBODY marked spot in our parking lot or on-site garage. You will then proceed through the outdoor plaza and into the red building to the right of the parking garage. Please check in with the Admin team in the foyer of the first floor of the building.

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