27# Tech Talks Meetup


After quite a long break, we have Tech Talks Meetup again! It is on 8th of July. The start is planned for 18:30. Our venue is Tech Space (ul. Leona Wyczółkowskiego 7, Kraków).

For now the plan is that longer scheduled talks will be in English. If there are no non-Polish speaking foreigners we will probably switch to Polish.

Although the announcement is in English don't hesitate to give a Lightning Talk in Polish!

# Agenda

*18:30 - 18:40* - Networking and Intro

*18:40 - 19:20* - Jacek Nosal:
Write code that you won't hate. Few words on metaclasses, descriptors, and context managers.

*19:20 - 19:50* - Krzysztof Mędrela:
Cython -- compile to C instead of Python bytecode

How to speed up Python program by 50% in 5 minutes, without changing code base? How to integrate Python with C and C++ and not to work very hard? How to deliver binary .exe instead of source code in .py files? How to achieve plain C speed without coding in C? The answer is simple: Cython (based on Pyrex) -- Python programming language extended with C capabilities. All these problems can be easily fixed thanks to a unique feature of Cython -- it compiles to C instead of bytecode.

*19:50 - 20:20* - Christopher Lozinski: ZODB is for Trees

This talk will present several examples of persistent trees implemented in Python on the ZODB. Zopache.com is a hierarchical blog. PrivaCV has a tree of skills/job markets. PrivaCV members are represented as trees of objects with different permissions on the different branches. Zopache itself is a browser-based Javascript development environment, where the user builds a tree of HTML, CSS and Javascript objects. We will conclude with a discussion of the issues involved in choosing to use ZODB for storing trees for new python projects.

*20:20 - 20:40* - _Lightning Talks_
A Lightning Talk is a short presentation (about 5 minutes long) that does not require much preparation and may be given without too many slides. Think of them as cinematic trailers for interesting topics or condensed tech talks.

*20:40* - Afterparty (in Tech Space)