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Pykonik #48 Tech Talks Meetup

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Grzegorz S. and 3 others


We invite you for the next meetup!

Pykonik is a community of those using, learning or curious of Python. Our meeting details can also be found on our website, where you can sign up to give a talk at the next meeting:

This time we will host the following talks:

  • [ENG] Jakub Paczkowski - Gracefully handling legacy code

Most of us has worked with legacy code at some point- you start a new job, clone a repository and...start crying. What you see is untested, untestable and unreadable code. Usually it leads to all kinds of frustrations- bugs, misunderstanding with business, missed deadlines. In this talk I'm going to show you a few techniques that can be used to make work with legacy code less painful and more predictable.

  • [ENG] Artur Cygan - Dependencies with Nix

Python has a long and interesting history with dependency management. A number of tools has been created and popularized to address various programmer's needs. I would like to give an additional point of view to that by showing how to use Nix to manage dependencies for a Python program. Nix is a cross platform package manager with some unique properties distinguishing it from the classical ones. It is not common to know Nix so don't worry, I will explain what it is, what is has to do with Python and software in general.

...and as always - lightning talks - ~5 minutes talks that can be given by anyone on any topic. Talk to us either online or during the event if you want to give one!

The meeting sponsors are:

  • FLYR

At FLYR, we're changing the way airline industries use data to ease the traveller’s experience from dynamic pricing, elastic demand forecasting, to bundling the best offers for end users. We’re taking off on a mission to deliver a real-time prediction and tracking platform to major travel industry partners, each with millions of consumers hungry for a new, first-rate travel shopping experience.

To achieve this vision, we’re looking for smart people in Kraków, Poland. As a team of Data Science, Software Engineers, Product Geeks, we strongly believe that understanding client’s big data and implementing the final algorithm architecture is key to building a great product!

Thanks to FLYR there would be pizza and something to drink waiting for attendees.

  • Codecool

Our amazing host!

  • Jetbrains

During this meeting, we will give out two annual licenses for selected product from Jetbrains which includes PyCharm Professional.

Don't forget after the meeting there would be an after-party.

See ya at the event!


Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie!

Szczegóły spotkania dostępne są również na naszej nowej stronie: na której można dokonywać zgłoszeń z tematami prezentacji, do czego gorąco zachęcamy!

Podczas spotkania będziecie mogli posłuchać prezentacji na następujące tematy:

  • [ENG] Jakub Paczkowski - Gracefully handling legacy code

  • [ENG] Artur Cygan - Dependencies with Nix

...oraz zgodnie z tradycją - lightning talki. Około 5-minutowe prezentacje zgłoszone przez każdego, kto jest chętny. Lightning talka możesz zgłosić online lub w trakcie spotkania.

Sponsorami spotkania są:

  • FLYR
  • Codecool
  • Jetbrains

Nie zapominajcie, że po spotkaniu zapraszamy na afterparty.

Do zobaczenia!

ul. Ślusarska 9 · Kraków
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