Pykonik #50 Tech Talks Meetup

Pykonik, Kraków Python User Group
Pykonik, Kraków Python User Group
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Codecool Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Ślusarska 9 · Kraków

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Nasz adres to ul. Slusarska 9. Jeżeli znacie knajpę "Bal" to jest to ten sam budynek, tyle że, wejście do Codecool znajduje się po drugiej stronie. Jeżeli znacie MOCAK to wejście do Codecool znajduje się na jego tyłach.

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We invite you for the next meetup!

Pykonik is a community of those using, learning or curious of Python. Our meeting details can also be found on our website, where you can sign up to give a talk at the next meeting:

This time we will host the following talks:

- [ENG] Artur Czepiel - What happens when you run a file with python?

Many things are happening between the moment you’ve typed python and "Hello World" appearing on your screen. Using a puzzle from previous pykonik as an example, I'll walk you through the first few steps of these, focusing on how python reads and decodes the source files. I'll show a few examples of how you can modify that process, and what you can achieve with those modifications.

- [ENG] Konrad Sewiłło-Jopek - Asyncio - done right?

We will discuss asyncio in details starting from historical perspective and support for event-based programming in different operating systems. Then we will look at the implementation of asynchronous IO in Python: what is event loop? What exactly are coroutines and how they differ from other concurrency methods? What are other problems we may introduce using asyncio and how to prevent them? How to mix asyncio with multi-core processing? What are the main disadvantages of asyncio?

...and as always - lightning talks - ~5 minutes talks that can be given by anyone on any topic. Talk to us either online or during the event if you want to give one!

The meeting sponsors are:

- Houst

Ever considered hosting on Airbnb? It can open a world of opportunity. More time, more money, more freedom. But it’s not easy - sourcing, managing and dealing with a constant changeover of tenants can be tricky. That’s why here at Houst we’re using tech to revolutionise hosting. From powerful host dashboards to industry-leading housekeeping apps, technology drives everything we do. We’re working on ambitious challenges which no one’s solved before. It won’t be easy, but that’s not why you’re here. You want to make a real impact, shape a business, and have fun doing it. So join us. Together, we’ll define great hosting.

Thanks to Houst there will be something to drink waiting for attendees.

- Global App Testing

We build the autonomous testing platform used by our customers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft) and 35,000 professional testers around the world.
Why it’s worth to work with us?
Work in a fast feedback and deployment environment. Deploy multiple times a day to production with DevOps environment on Kubernetes
Use the latest tools and technology platforms Python, S3, Lambda, Kinesis, Spark, Redis, PostgreSQL on RDS
Personal and professional growth to fuel your career. You can learn machine learning with us while building autonomous tester.
Feel free to check our recent job post in R&D Python team:

Thanks to Global App Testing there will be pizza waiting for attendees.

- Codecool

Our amazing host!

- Jetbrains

During this meeting, we will give out two annual licenses for selected product from Jetbrains which includes PyCharm Professional.

Don't forget after the meeting there would be an after-party.

See ya at the event!


Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie!

Szczegóły spotkania dostępne są również na naszej nowej stronie: na której można dokonywać zgłoszeń z tematami prezentacji, do czego gorąco zachęcamy!

Podczas spotkania będziecie mogli posłuchać prezentacji na następujące tematy:

- [ENG] Artur Czepiel - What happens when you run a file with python?

- [ENG] Konrad Sewiłło-Jopek - Asyncio - done right?

...oraz zgodnie z tradycją - lightning talki. Około 5-minutowe prezentacje zgłoszone przez każdego, kto jest chętny. Lightning talka możesz zgłosić online lub w trakcie spotkania.

Sponsorami spotkania są:
- Houst
- Global App Testing
- Codecool
- Jetbrains

Nie zapominajcie, że po spotkaniu zapraszamy na afterparty.

Do zobaczenia!