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Pykonik #54 Online Tech Talks Meetup

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Grzegorz S. and 3 others
Pykonik #54 Online Tech Talks Meetup


We invite you for the next meetup! We're not giving up on sharing the knowledge. so please join us on the stream! We will send streaming details to all attendees.

Pykonik is a community of those using, learning or curious of Python. Our meeting details can also be found on our website, where you can sign up to give a talk at the next meeting:

This time we will host the following talks:

  • Christian Barra - 10 common mistakes with Kubernetes and containers

Kubernetes and containers are the building blocks of a modern cloud infrastructure and de-facto the standard for deploying, managing and orchestrating applications at scale.

How many things can go wrong? 馃挘

More than you can think about!

Let's take 30 minutes together to go trough 10 common mistakes on using Kubernetes and containers and how to avoid them.

  • Jason R. Coombs - Exploration of Shells, Environments, and Packages

In this informal, interactive talk, Jason walks through some of the highlights of his command-line experience:

  • Introduction to `xonsh`, a Python-based shell inspired by bash. Have you ever wondered why you have two different languages when working with your default shell versus your Python shell? Ever pondered using Python as your main interactive shell? `xonsh` answers this question by providing a production-ready shell that's portable and re-uses the language constructs and libraries you've come to love. Jason shows off the shell and how it's integrated into his working environment.
  • Next, Jason introduces `pip-run` and `pipx`, two complementary tools for lightweight command-line tooling built on Python packages.
  • Finally, Jason will provide a quick update on the recent changes in the Python Packaging ecosystem around PEP 517 and 518, distutils, pkg_resources, and answer questions about packaging.

As always after the meeting we'll host a series of Lightning Talks and an afterparty handled on Pykonik Discord server.

The meeting sponsor is Jetbrains. During this meeting, we will give out two annual licenses for selected product from Jetbrains which includes PyCharm Professional.

See ya at the streaming!

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