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Pyramid meditation is a spiritual group for everyone who are interested in meditation spirituality and compassion. It is a group for all the spiritual seekers who are in search of spiritual truth and trying to become masters of themselves.

Pyramid Meditation Foundation UK is not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading Meditation, New age spiritual science and Compassion for peaceful and enlightened living, through collaboration and partnership with like-minded individuals, masters, communities and organisations.

Meditation is the greatest gift which can be given by our own efforts to our own lives. It enables everyone to become one with the universal consciousness. We emerge from eternity to enjoy a brief journey of birth, growth and death. To understand and make sense of this journey, we have the Science of Meditation to help us. Meditation, when approached like a science becomes easier to practice.Be a Master of your Health, Happiness and Reality through daily meditation, spiritual wisdom and being compassionate.

For More Details and upcoming events, Please visit: http://beamaster.org.uk

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