Python Meetup/ 12.11.

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Our November's meetup is closer than you would expect!
This time we have two wonderful speakers from ReversingLabs sharing some light on how they work with huge amounts of data they collect.


Speakers: Bruno Brodarić – Software Engineer & Marija Zelić – Senior Software Engineer

Title: *Big Data ETL using Python, Kafka and ScyllaDB*

At ReversingLabs, we store huge amounts of data about malware. How to make sense of all that data and organize it into something usable?

We need a system that can not only handle those huge amounts of data, but is also scalable, highly available and consistent!

How do we achieve that?

That's where big data technologies like Kafka and ScyllaDB come into play!

Our system is built around microservices and our programming language of choice is, of course, Python.

Is it fast enough? What are the real bottlenecks? What are the biggest challenges that we're facing and how are we solving them?

Whether you're interested in Python and want to find out how to use it for big data, or a big data enthusiast who's maybe considering Python, Kafka or ScyllaDB for their use case, we'll sure you'll find something interesting in this talk!


We will meet in HUB385, in the lobby. As usual, drinks after the event in Pivnica Budweiser 🍺First round sponsored by our friends from ReversingLabs ❤️