Python + MongoDB and Inside the box: Python Memory Manager

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Hi everybody!!

This session will start with 30 minutes of networking (19:00-19:30), first talk of 30 min and 15 min of QA, the second talk of 45 min and 15 min of QA. The event should end around 09:45 pm.

Jairo Antonio Cuartas Molina

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* Introduction to MongoDB and Python + MongoDB = PyMongo

- In this talk, we'll introduce us to the world of not relational, hand of MongoDB. MongoDB is a NoSQL Database (No only SQL) that allows us to store information on more natural or intuitive formats and simultaneously have a scalability that hardly seen in other databases. PyMongo also present the library that allows you to integrate MongoDB in any project with python.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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* Inside the box: Python Memory Manager

- In this talk, we'll look what happens behind the scenes in Python, how memory management and variables, also talk about some useful tools for finding memory leaks.