• Practices of the Python Pro

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  • Clinical Text Processing (NLP) with Python

    Highmark Corporate Headquarters

    We are seeing a rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine, with potential for remarkable improvements in diagnosis, prevention and treatment in healthcare. We have many open opportunities in leveraging NLP for improving both clinical workflows and patient outcomes. Python has been the language of choice for Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this talk, we will discuss some opportunities in clinical NLP, map out fundamental NLP tasks, and tour the available resources– Python libraries and frameworks for these tasks. Many of these libraries make it extremely easy to leverage state-of-the-art NLP research for building models on clinical text. Presentation by Gaurav Trivedi https://www.trivedigaurav.com/

    Doors at 6:30, talk at 7:00 - please arrive early to sign in. Cross listed with Code & Supply and PGH Data Science, please only RSVP once.

  • Python for DevOps


    A panel discussion on the use of Python in devops. Learn how to reduce manual work by using this "no hands!" programming language to get stuff done faster and more reliably. Brief presentations precede group discussion - something for everyone.

    Topics include: chatbots for deployment, dependency management with Poetry, templated services in code with AWS CDK. Max Blaze, Nathan Menge & Doug Reynolds presenting; moderated by Pete Fein

    Parking will be available in the lot on the 25th Street side of the Crane Building. Gate into the lot will be unlocked at 6:00pm. There are plenty of spots to accommodate everyone.

    Cross listed with Code & Supply - please only RSVP in one place.

  • Community Meeting with Pycon Organizers

    The Westin Pittsburgh

    Pycon US is coming to Pittsburgh in 2020! Meet with the conference chair and Python Software Foundation staff to help make this the best Pycon ever. Learn about volunteer opportunities, connect the national & local communities and share what makes this city great.

    Butler Room on the 2nd floor

  • Imaginative Python


    Learn to leverage Python towards creative and expressive ends. We'll briefly introduce live-coding audio with FoxDot, scripting in the open source 3D Creation suite Blender, and writing applications in Python with Processing. The goal is to demonstrate ways to incorporate Python into the creative process and expose people with a more traditional technical background to what is possible with computational art.

    Morgan Visnesky is a Pittsburgh based computer engineering student, computer musician, and organizing partner for the livecode PGH Meetup.

  • Frictionless Maintainence: How to maintain 100+ open-source packages

    Google - Bakery Square

    Jason R. Coombs is a shared or sole maintainer for over 140 projects in the Python ecosystem, a responsibility which he has accumulated over the past decade of his open source contributions. At this scale, it becomes unsustainable to employ bespoke, manually-intensive processes to the maintenance workflows. In this talk, Jason gives an overview of the Python packaging ecosystem and maintainer workflows, presents a selection of the challenges, and details some established and emergent techniques for tackling these challenges and streamlining the process.

    This event is hosted by Google - please RSVP 24 hours in advance. Free parking is available in the Bakery Square Parking Garage (entrance off Dahlem Place). Enter through the north entrance at the inside bend of the L-shaped building. Someone should be available to escort you to the entrance on the 7th floor. Text or call[masked] for assistance.

    Cross listed with Code & Supply - please RSVP only in one place

    PARKING: Please be aware that we have very limited parking here at the Bakery Square garage. We recommend the following options:

    Consider utilizing a Rideshare service (discount codes available on Lyft & Uber websites) to reach our facility.

    We do have more available parking close by at East Side Bond Garage, located .5 miles from PIT-BAK.

    Once the Bakery Square lot is filled, guests may be met with mandatory, but complimentary, Valet Service.

  • FastAPI

    2545 Railroad St

    FastAPI is a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs with Python 3.6+ based on standard Python type hints. Presented by Josh Smith, who used it on his last project and is very excited about it. https://fastapi.tiangolo.com/

    Hosting and food and drinks provided by Gridwise: https://gridwise.io/

  • Introduction to Modern NLP in Python


    A narrative tutorial on modern NLP in Python. Assumes some familiarity with basic Python. Suitable for beginners to NLP, and experienced users will learn best practices from an expert in the field. Presented by Patrick Harrison, director of Artificial Intelligence at Standard & Poor's (S&P).

  • Adopt-a-pytest


    pytest is a testing framework that makes writing and running Python tests simpler. Adopting new tooling in a large system is often a burden. How can you introduce pytest gradually with minimal pain? Presented by Dane Hillard.

    This is for anyone currently using unittest for Python unit testing that would like to adopt pytest. You'll learn:

    How to run pytest
    How to create a basic pytest configuration
    Using pytest marks to shim an existing project
    Converting a unittest test to pytest

    With its simplified syntax, powerful fixture behaviors, detailed test reports, and plugin-based architecture, pytest has a lot to offer. Whether you're new to Python unit testing or you've been using unittest for a while, pytest may be something to consider. It's not too hard to get up and running with pytest on a fresh project, but how can you retrofit an existing project without having to refactor the world all at once?

  • Something Something NLP

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