Python Meetup Split - New Series - Python in Hardware Development

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Python Split
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Speaker this month will be Duje Roje who will speak about Python in Hardware Development.

You will have a sneak peek into his speach that will be presented on PyCon Balkan this November in Belgrade.

Know a little Python? That's all you need to get started in the world of IoT and embedded software. You get yourself a nice low cost single-board computer, a couple of wires, sensors, buttons, motors, uranium, whatever you like, and the fun begins. Build your own smart house system or a cleaning robot.

The fun, however, ends very soon. As the lines of code start to pile up, it gets increasingly hard to make any changes to the code or upgrade it. Bugs start to appear. And before you know it, you don’t have a reliable product anymore.

There is little guidance on how to write code for hardware. That’s why I want to share what I’ve learned (mostly from my own mistakes).