6th Python for Quant Finance Meetup


Dear Python Quants,

I am happy to announce our 6th Python for Quant Finance meetup. Thanks to Thomson Reuters for hosting us again -- we always enjoy it!

Expect, among others, this time the following topics:

• Python & MongoDB at AHL (Garry Collier): learn how AHL uses Python & MondoDB to e.g. manage TBs of tick data

• Cufflinks (Jorge Santos): from pandas DataFrame to interactive D3.js plot with a single method call

• Eikon API (Jorge Santos): the brand new Thomson Reuters Python-based Data API

• DIY corner (Yves Hilpisch): multiple Jupyter Notebook servers within Docker containers; high performance time series management and data analytics (tstables, bcolz, blaze)

I will also try to bring a few copies of my "Python for Finance" (O'Reilly) book.