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This group is for Python enthusiast and practitioners. This group is started to exchange experience for Python development.

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Hey Pytosi, Sun is shining, birds are singing, spring is on it's way - and so is the new meetup! We would like to invite you to join us in ICT Hub on Friday, March 29, at 6pm. Speakers and topics: SPEAKER: Bence Nagy (Kiwi.com) Bence spent 4 years working with Python as a software engineer, and is now leading the Software Platform squad at Kiwi.com, working on making their engineers' experience with developing for Kiwi.com the best it can be. And by the way, after the talk, you should totally ask him for video game recommendations. TOPIC: Chaos Engineering:Kill Your Own Servers for the Greater Good On the cutting edge of technology, engineers have this new mania about this so-called "Chaos Engineering" — which is essentially ops people willfully breaking their own infrastructure. Crazy, right? Why would anyone do this? Just to show off? To fight off boredom? Is it just some manifestation of masochist tendencies? Well, it's actually none of the above, so I'll try to explain the whys and hows of this fascinating concept in my talk. SPEAKER: Alen Suljkanović (Typhoon-hil) Alen Suljkanović is a software engineer at Typhoon HIL, and a PhD student at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. His areas of work and interest are Domain-Specific Languages, Model-Driven Engineering and Distributed Systems. At Typhoon HIL he works on developing a compiler for the hardware platform which allows simulation in real time. TOPIC: Using Python for source-to-source translations. Source-to-source translation is a process of taking a program written in one programming language as an input, and producing the equivalent source code in another programming language. First, we will give a short introduction to the source-to-source translation. Afterwards, we will show how such translations can be implemented in Python. We are very excited to see you all, so don't forget to book your seat! Best regards, Python Belgrade

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