PyCHO + Data Science: Zappa AND Probablistic Programming


We are excited to invite you to a co-meetup from PyCHO and Cville Data Science. This joint meetup is going to be hosted by Astraea--you can find more details on the Charlottesville Data Science page:

Please RSVP only once, either here or there!

From our side, we are pleased to feature a talk by Phil Varner, who will address us about Functions as a Service in Python with Zappa and AWS Lambda:

Serverless compute resources and services, like AWS provides, allow for many new system design and deployment options. However, it's often not easy to tie these together into easily deployable units. The Zappa project ( attempts to make this easier with a deployment system and runtime library for creating APIs and
event-driven services, including the ability to deploy an entire WSGI-compliant web application as an AWS Lambda. This talk will be a quick introduction to using Zappa to create and deploy
applications to AWS.

Phil is an independent software developer specializing in complex, dependable backend systems. He has previously worked for Oracle, Jive Software, and Locus Health.

Zach Anglin, Senior Data Scientist at S&P Global, will also present an introduction to probabilistic programming in Python with the PyMC3 package.

Join us THIS THURSDAY EVENING, 6-8pm, for our usual great meetup and even more new faces!