Data Visualization with Python from Two Perspectives

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Everyone from an absolute beginner to a well seasoned expert will learn something great from this two-part talk on data visualization.

Part One: Getting Started with Data Visualization with Jolene Esposito

Have you ever wanted to learn Python for data visualization but weren’t sure how to begin? Jolene Esposito was curious about learning to write code, so she used the Internet along with her friends as resources to get started! Jolene will talk about how she began her journey with zero formal computer science experience, overcame barriers to entry, became comfortable with the ‘uncomfortable’, and created a data visualization “final project” inspired by a class on Codeacademy.

Jolene is a Project Manager by day and spends her evenings learning about complicated things, playing video games, cooking delicious dinners, and participating in yoga.

Part Two: Graph Visualization with Bokeh and NetworkX with Matt Hawthorn

Usually, if you want to know what's in a relational database, you can look in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA, or use an interactive tool to browse around. But what if there are thousands of tables, some with hundreds of columns - how can you figure out a path to join X to Y? Browsing can only take you so far, and ER diagrams become unreadable fast! Find out how one data scientist leveraged graph visualization with Bokeh and NetworkX to tackle the data discovery problem at S&P Global.

As a Senior Data Scientist at S&P Global, Matt Hawthorn has a background in pure mathematics and a long-held passion for text mining and natural language processing. A bit of a renaissance character, Matt is also a musician and has even been a farmer, amateur piano tuner, and blacksmith's apprentice in prior incarnations. When he isn't working, he can be usually be found developing software as a hobby project or going on an adventure with his daughter and favorite human, Anna.

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