What we're about

• Offer safe learning environment for people who are interested in becoming a QA/Tester
• Group would be exclusively to people looking for a career change, entry level, students (no testing managers, recruiters etc)
• Offering further insight and guidance to those who have just started a QA/Tester job
• Offering advice, support and networking
• To promote the importance of becoming/being a QA/Tester in the product cycle
• Help in setting up mentoring (potentially within Code to begin with)
• Help with the steppingstone to getting a job in the QA/Tester industry

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QABC v1.1: Back to Basics and guest speaker Fiona Reekie!

This is going to be our 13th Webinar for QABC and we'll email out the video link on the day. To help with this, could we please ask people not to use mics during the presentations. There will be opportunities to ask questions later on after the presentations. Thanks in advance :)

Continuing in our back to basics QA meetup, this month we will literally going back to where it all started with a overview of different QA/Tester roles/titles and where they sit in the development life cycle. Plus we have another guest speaker Fiona Reekie, Quality Assurance Manager at BeyondTrust! She'll be telling the story of her journey of getting into testing to where she is now and everything in between. Really excited to have Fiona onboard and will be taking Q&As at the end, so please take advantage of this opportunity!


18:00: Log on, test connections, mics, screen share etc

Part 1: Overview of different QA/Tester roles/titles and where we consider a Agile QA lives within the development life cycle!

Short break

Part 2: 'My Journey' with Fiona Reekie!



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QABC #13: Testflix and Chill!

Online event

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