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Queens Centers for Progress serves more than 1500 people in Queens, NY who have developmental disabilities.

QCP's New Horizons Young Professionals Group


New Horizons Young Professionals Group Mission
Queens Centers for Progress (http://queenscp.org) (QCP) (@queenscp) New Horizons Young Professionals Group is a dynamic group of professionals who are committed to volunteering their time, talents, energy and resources to further QCP’s mission. Members have the unique opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the Agency as they expand their own personal, professional and leadership goals.

QCP’s New Horizon’s mission is achieved through:
· Promoting QCP to the local business community.
· Providing hands-on or financial support to QCP’s Development Department.
· Creating business networking opportunities for all members.
· Presenting value-added professional education opportunities either from within the group or from invited guests.
· Creating a new event that would be planned and lead by the New Horizons members

The benefits of joining QCP’s New Horizons Young Professional Group includes regularly scheduled professional development opportunities, access to a business network, and the credentials of being associated with a major nonprofit organization.

About Queens Centers For Progress (QueensCP.org (http://queenscp.org))

Queens Centers for Progress is dedicated to the goal of providing children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunities to make choices which will maximize their skill development, independence, and integration into community life. At the core of all the agency’s services is the deeply held belief in the development of the individual. QCP believes that all people can learn and that all people – in spite of any developmental disability – can make meaningful choices about their lives.

A developmental disability is defined as a physical or mental condition that develops before age 21, which is likely to continue throughout the individual’s life, and results in the impairment of one or more major areas of life functioning. Cerebral palsy is one type of developmental disability; others include autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, and other neurological impairments.

While developmental disabilities cannot be cured, QCP is committed to providing assistance and support to compensate for the limitations the condition imposes, and thereby allowing those affected to live the fullest lives possible.

More than 1500 people now receive ongoing services from QCP. We provide services for people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly; and for all aspects of life, including providing a place to live and work, health care, hygiene and life skills training, education, therapy, vocational training and recreation.

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