Azure Data Factory (V2) ABCs


Do you want to learn more about Azure Data Factory? Would you like to know if it will replace SQL Server Integration Services? Trying to understand the difference between Pipelines, SSIS and Mapping Data Flows?
If so, this is the perfect session for you as it will answer these questions and more.
Azure Data Factory improvements made during the past 2 years have helped to boost the productivity of data movement solutions. It is important to understand the benefits of these improvements as this cost-effect product will soon be the solution for many of your data movement challenges.
Demos using this service will be included.

David Alzamendi

About the presenter:
David is a Microsoft Certified Professional and Data Architect at WARDY IT Solutions. He is currently based in Brisbane, Australia and has been working in the Business Intelligence area since 2011. He is passionate about the positive impact data can have on our lives, businesses, world economies and the environment.