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Hacking Bodies and Electronics

At our second show & tell Dr. Ralf Belusa is going to talk about his experience with self-tracking of various health related parameters. As part of his work on the Neurology and Pharmacoepidemiology at the LMU Munich and Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine at the Charité Berlin and Pittsburgh, Dr. Belusa gained lots of knowledge of medications, brains and human-cells. In order to find out how to measure health improvements, which medication will help and how human cells can live longer, Dr. Belusa started tracking his weight, body fat, body water, muscles, blood pressure, oxygen and many more values. Belusa is going to speak about the benefits and challenges of continuous weight and body fat monitoring, explain his preferred set for easily controlling his body composition and will present his platform HalloDoctor which he uses to learn from more than 30+ Mio. data sets.

Our second speaker, Wolfgang Spahn, is an Arduino hacker and artist. In his installations he measured respiration, skin resistance and brain waves of the observer in order to enable an interactive light experience. He is going to talk about these interactive installations and how the popular hacker tools Arudino and Rapsberry Pi can be used for Quantified Self projects. After his presentation you can see a live demo of one of his current projects and get further information on hacker tools and how to learn using them.

Beyond that we are going to have some more speakers and great networking for advanced users, QS enthusiasts and toolmakers.


19:30 Admission and Introduction

20:00 QS Keynote and Show & Tells

21:30 Demo Hour and Networking

We are looking forward to seeing you - please reserve yourself a spot!