What we're about

This is a regular show and tell for people taking advantage of various kinds of personal tracking - geotracking, life-logging, DNA sequencing, etc. - to gain more knowledge about themselves. Come share what you are doing, and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Chemical Body Load Counts

Personal Genome Sequencing


Self Experimentation

Risks/Legal Rights/Duties

Behavior monitoring

Location tracking

Non-invasive Probes

Digitizing Body Info

Sharing Health Records

Psychological Self-Assesments

Medical Self-Diagnostics

Here you can find more on the qs and its philosophy: http://quantifiedself.com/ Please look at the clips and articles.

The idea is to have venues once every quarter on a Saturday afternoon, with a few short talks and presentations, we call it 'show and tell' (15min each), to discuss about the talks and experience, get together to learn each other and exchange ideas and having fun.

This not a tech group, not a sales event, either, just people presenting their self-measurements, and sharing and exchanging their lessons learned with other participants. We want to enable newcomers to do their own selfquantify-studies (measurements).

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