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Quantified Self St. Louis

What's Happening: The Quantified Self (QS) (http://quantifiedself.com/) community is getting organized in St. Louis! This global movement is all about tracking data about ourselves, using tools to make sense of it, and acting on it to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health and performance.

QS brings together people across a broad spectrum - from those tracking health, fitness, and diet, to others playing with the tech, research and data that are enabling progress.

We hope that whether you are a hard-core athlete, patient with a rare or chronic disease, health/tech entrepreneur, data nerd, or are just curious about the space that you will find a vibrant community of self-trackers from in and around St. Louis.

Blog: http://quantifiedstl.com

What To Expect: We welcome you to attend our Meetups and participate in lively discussions and activities, including:

• Show and tell sessions to check out each others' trackers, apps, monitors, sensors and other tools.

• "Hands-on" Hackathons to play with, improve or even create our own tools.

• Roundtable and/or "popcorn" discussions to discuss self-tracking on an individual and a St. Louis basis.

Regardless, you'll probably find something of interest as we launch our group. Join the meetup (https://www.meetup.com/QS-STL/join/?rg=joinus2) to get notices about our meetings and other activities or contact us to learn more or share your story (https://www.meetup.com/QS-STL/suggestion/).

Tracking Topics Include: • Fitness, diet, and health • Medical self-diagnostics • Metabolic factors • Lifelogging • Personal genome sequencing • Sleep • Location • Mood and emotion • Chemical body load counts • Productivity/Behavior • and Self experimentation

Past events (17)

Quantified Self St. Louis - Summer 2016 Reboot

Center for Emerging Technologies(CET)

11/17/15 - Sleep Tracking Show and Tell

Cambridge Innovation Center (The CIC)

Tracking Time and Productivity - Show & Tell + Screening

Cambridge Innovation Center (The CIC)

Data Hack Session

Cambridge Innovation Center (The CIC)

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