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What we’re about

Longevity - treating ageing as a disease.
We need to rethink the human ageing process!
Longer healthspans and lifespans are happening and will continue to progress.
The mission of this group is to engage in a future that offers longer, healthier, fulfilling lives - based on the scientific method.
Your interest may be personal, or come from a professional life-science point of view. Whatever the case, we hope you want to join us in this important quest.
We are a curious group of people, hell-bent on giving ageing as a disease a role in creating longer and healthier life spans.
We welcome members from all over Sweden and the Nordics.
We communicate in English and Swedish.
You are also welcome to join our group on Linkedin where you will find news and articles and discussions about Longevity:
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PS Still not convinced? Think about how we have tackled child mortality, infectious diseases and other health challenges - and the opportunities that lie ahead within genetics, regenerative medicine and machine learning. We shall overcome the scourge of ageing!