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Quantified Self is the pursuit of meaningful discoveries emerging as a pattern from our personal data. It isn't about just collecting volumes of data about ourselves from wearable tech (and you truly don't need any sensors to start, even paper and discipline will do the trick). It's a curious and active engagement with the outputs that can be crystallised into numbers, into visuals and translated into higher quality decisions.

Finding, and sharing your findings with other people who are delighted to apply scientific method into action on themselves has blossomed into the global community. The meetups are show-and-tell style, where we have the chance to look at results of personal experiments, discuss methods, try out tools and discern what is worth testing next.

People track, tweak and test all sort of personal measures: glucose response, sleep, emotional valence, exercise performance, mental acuity, finances, mental models, environmental quality, books read, skills learned ... as long as there's a way to count it, and capture progress over time, boom you have something to show.

This Cape Town group originally started in Jan 2011, but it was likely a little early and skewed very nerdy. QS has been transformed into a much more welcoming arena where you don't have to work quite as hard to extract your own intel! Well on its way to providing serious advantage in the future of personalised healthcare it's safely out of the Trough of Disillusionment. And .. we're back, so come with friends :) :)

If this sounds like how you function, or if you're just flirting with the idea, you're enthusiastically welcomed to join in and gather up.

You do NOT need to be a data scientist, or even comfy with tech to get started improving your life by actively paying attention to its signals.

PS. I'll be popping up resources to get started or wrap your head around the thing. Hold tight, the engines have only just turned on here.

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