What we're about

Do you question the meaning of your own life and what takes place in the world around you outside of what our culture tells you to believe? The only true, real and healthy way to be is to question things. Whether it's on an individual level questioning personal issues, or a grand social scale questioning worldly issues, questioning things is the point of evolution for all of humankind. Raising questions means to begin openly accepting reality for what it really is and to take the first step in dealing with it effectively and ultimately, harmoniously. Refusal to question means to deliberately shut yourself off from reality which will lead to a whole host of personal and social problems including cancer, heart disease, mental illness, poverty, corruption and war. Our group discussions include such things as social and economic inequality, war, money, consciousness, mainstream and alternative media and even such fringe things as out-of-body experiences and other worldly intelligence. Our group workshops are on a more personal level and will help you relate better with the world around you and improve the quality of your own life. This is the first step in things getting better, both for yourself and for the world around you. Please feel free to join us, your input and participation is valuable!

"The most important thing is to never stop questioning.." - Albert Einstein

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