Found Connections | Sex Work + The Internet


The “oldest business in the world” — trading sex for money — has also been at the forefront of every wave of digital technology, from online advertising to social networking to digital video compression. Yet it has never not been controversial. In this event, we’ll dig into some of the recent, past, and present on selling sex online. Have digital technologies like OnlyFans and Instagram changed sex work and other forms of selling pleasure? What new opportunities do digital tools open up for workers? And, why has the popularity of sex in digital spaces created a new front for the American culture wars, culminating in the 2018 passage of FOSTA-SESTA and the crackdown on Craigslist and Backpage?

Join QX for our first event of 2019. Following what is sure to be a lively discussion by our panelists, we'll have time for Q&A and mingling. Your $5 registration supports refreshments and the speakers.

NOTE: Any sex workers interested in the event are encouraged to attend for FREE, no questions asked. SWERFs and TERFs not welcome.


Jacqueline Frances ~ feminist icon, erotic dancer, artist, comedienne ~

Gabrielle Alexa ~ writer, speaker, creative ~

Ty Mitchell ~ gay porn performer, queer culture writer, and drag queen based in Brooklyn. His work can be found at HuffPost, Mic, Out, Cakeboy Magazine, and Pornhub ~

Daly Barnett ~ techie, artist, teacher, and activist

Stephen Molldrem ~ expert in sexuality, health IT, digital technology, and digital labor ~