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Entrepreneurship permeates the culture of Silicon Valley - the innovation capital of the world.

The advent of the Digital Age has democratized innovation and entrepreneurship.

Never before has it been more possible for anyone from anywhere, with a great idea and a burning desire to succeed, to make it big, and in the process, change the world in a relatively short period of time.

HP, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many, many, many other iconic companies all started with just an idea.

Taking a startup from idea to IPO has taken on mythical proportions in Silicon Valley and beyond. Many dream the dream, with hopes of launching the "next big thing".

We are a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, venture capitalists, angel investors, educators, financial professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, academics, bloggers, writers, content creators, and social activists.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, tools, and connections they need to succeed.

Our goal is to build a strong, vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial community with deep, lasting business and social relationships from Silicon Valley to Qatar and beyond.

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FREE! How to Pitch to Investors and Get the Deal in a COVID-19 World

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Raising money is a difficult and stressful task for startup Founders.Founders struggle to get the right combination of facts and projections to persuade investors to put in money.

This workshop is an intro to the longer pitch program. It covers to the two main parts of pitching:

  1. What to say

  2. How to say it

On this webinar you will learn:

  1. The five step elevator pitch to get to the point in 60 seconds.

  2. The standard topic for each page of the pitch deck, (for 90% of the startups)

  3. How to use your customer “use case” in a story to show what your product does

  4. The four key background points to set your pitch in the right direction

  5. The key item two thirds of startup pitches leave out that is critical to customer adaption

  6. The essential key points investors are looking for

and more!

This workshop is an intro to a four day workshop that speaker, entrepreneur and thought leader Steve Austin has presented to accelerators in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, in Asia and Europe.This content was derived from interviews with angel investors and venture capitalists in attendance at over 100 pitch to investor events where Steve’s students have pitched.

This workshop focuses on what angel investors and venture capitalists have indicated they are looking for in startup pitches.

Don’t waste more time with weak pitches.

Learn how to focus on the essential points and get the deal.

Scale your Innovation into Revenue!™

About the Speaker:

Steve Austin is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley and the founder of Silicon Valley iLab.He has worked with over 2,500 startups—giving him a unique insight into challenges and secrets to success when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Dozens of startups have raised funds and scaled up after attending Steve's workshops.

Steve has presented workshops in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and around the world. He has spoken at conferences at Tsinghua, Geju and SUES Universities in China and at incubators and accelerators in in Austria, Korea and Turkey.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur. He has developed and launched a dozen high-tech products for making computer chips and enterprise billing. He has been the CEO, MD, and vice president of sales and marketing for several organizations. Steve has managed global operations including personally generating hundreds of millions of dollars in B2B sales.

Steve holds a BS in Finance and Chemistry. For fun, he enjoys playing the guitar and hiking.

You can reach Steve at:


How to Cut Product Development Costs by up to 50%!

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There is a difference between releasing code and releasing code effectively and efficiently. That difference is having an efficient process

  • a repeatable way to produce consistent results over and over again.

In this webinar, Nelly Yusupova, a CTO with 18 years of experience, a startup tech advisor, and the founder of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, will share the process she uses to manage teams and projects to deliver projects on time and on budget.

You will learn:

  1. The lean way vs. traditional way of building products

  2. Two money saving things you should do before you build anything

  3. How to define your MVP properly to reduce the cost and time of development

  4. How to see the red flags sooner and minimize mistakes

and more!

Please come with your questions and scenarios.

About the Speaker

Nelly Yusupova is a CTO, with over 18 years experience, leading companies to technical excellence. She is a startup tech advisor, outsourced CTO, and the creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs.

Nelly is on a mission to help entrepreneurs minimize technology mistakes. Through her online master class TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, she provides the roadmap to successfully manage technology teams and projects.

Just recently included in Fast Company’s, “League of Extraordinary Women”, Nelly has been at the forefront of the women’ s movement online since 1999 and is one of the Wall Street Journal’s “Women on the IT Fast Track”.

Nelly is a speaker and presenter for many organizations and major industries events including: Women’s Enterprise Center, New York Entrepreneurs Business Network, Small Business Summit, BlogHer, Social Media Jungle, Mom 2.0, BlogWorld, and more.

She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, NBC's Today Show, Fast Company, NewsDay.com, O’Reilly, Smart Money, Small Biz, TechRepublic, Women’s Radio and more.

Nelly can be reached at:


How to Raise Pre-Seed/Seed Startup Funds: Full Day Workshop - Austin, Texas

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How to Raise Pre-Seed/Seed Startup Funds: Full Day Workshop, Austin, TX Tickets, Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 8:45 AM | Eventbrite

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Less than 1% of startup pitches result in funding. While most entrepreneurs over-emphasize pitch decks, smart founders focus on fundability. Fundable companies raise funds faster, easier, at higher valuations and with better terms.

Successful founders follow a proven five-step Prepare, Plan, Execute, Sell, and Close (PPESC) process to efficiently raise Pre-seed and Seed funds for their early-stage startup.

This full-day class dives into important keys to launch a startup, build momentum, and raise early-stage funds, including:

  1. Startup roadmap & blueprint
  2. Startup formation & equity (cap tables, etc.)
  3. Funding strategy
  4. Inflection points and funding milestones
  5. Product/market fit and idea validation (Lean Startup principles)
  6. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and go-to-market
  7. Customer sales and investor fundraising
  8. Financial models and projections
  9. How to crack the code on startup talent
  10. Building a pitch deck
  11. Coaching on pitch delivery
  12. Navigating the fundraise (engaging investors, term sheets, etc.)

Attendees will learn the basic PPESC process to effectively build a fundable startup and then close Pre-Seed and Seed funding.

Fundable Startups normally charges $750 per day for their premium in-person training. But they are offering deep discounts on their training for December 2022!

FREE! Pitch to Angel Investor Gary Jinks, Managing Director, South Valley Angels

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This is an online event. Participation is 100% online.

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Participants can be located anywhere in the world!

This event is FREE to attend.

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Hurry! Slots are limited!

Your ability to present your business case confidently and clearly is critical for funding, partnerships and building your team. Most people are not born natural speakers -- we must work on it. This forum will allow you to pitch or listen to others and hear the guidance and discussions.

This is a great opportunity to practice your pitch, get constructive feedback, guidance and investor insight.


3 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes one-on-one feedback and discussion; no slides.

Since this is a public forum do not ask for any funding or discuss your use of funds.


Opening comments, rules and format


Open Q&A discussion (30min).

About the Speaker:

Gary is the founder and managing director of South Valley Angels and an executive level leader with deep expertise and an extensive track record developing high yield innovation ecosystems and building up high growth exit focused start-up ventures. Gary has created, transformed and launched innovation in Silicon Valley his entire career, from combat vehicles to lifestyle apps. Gary founded GLJ Group in 2005 and has led engineering, strategic direction and business development for corporate clients resulting in over $300M in new business. In 2010 he shifted complete focus to the startup community, advising over 450 startups, working with the top incubators and investors in Silicon Valley, launching innovation centers and developing regional ecosystems around the globe. He is a regular speaker, evangelist and lead executive advisor helping clients formulate custom strategies and implementation of the next evolution of the startup model, “Precision Innovation”

If you have any questions about the content and format of this webinar, contact Gary at:


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