Breathe In ~ Zen Out


• What we'll do
Qi gong:
The essence of our very being (DNA) is found within our bone marrow. Through Qi Gong practice we stimulate the bone marrow through the energy work. Science proves that white blood cells and our entire immune system are regulated by the bone marrow.

Conscious Breathing:
Qi Gong deep breathing: Is a guided journey breathing into the lower part of the abdomen first and relaxing the body as you then fill up the chest and feel the belly come back to the spin while listening to your own breath can be extremely healing.

Breath Empowerment: Gives a full body vibration during a continuous circular breathing rotation creating more energy than you have ever felt in your life. Your senses become heightened and it allows you to become more connected to all living things and even your infinite nature.

9 breath Method: Is a way for you to change your natural state of being in less than one minute. You can change your mind / body harmony by breathing deep into a cellular level. Relieve yourself of negative emotions and set your intension on what it is that you want to be, feel or experience.
These are just a few of the focused & intentional breathing styles we will incorporate into the experience.

• What to bring
Things to bring... mat, towel & bottle water.

• Important to know
Be prepared to experience the breathe like never before~